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    Decanter Set

    My girlfriend just bought me a decanter set for my birthday and I am excited to put some booze in it. However, I really don't know much about it? What types of liquor is it best for? (I was planning on putting either scotch or bourbon in it, not at the same time of course :r) How long should you...
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    JdN and Schlafly (Beer and Cigars)

    I know nothing about combining cigars and beer, in fact I rarely do it. However, I found a combo that I like: JdN Antano 1970 and a Schlafly Coffee Stout. The spiciness of JdN and the full creaminess of the Coffee Stout go great together. Any other beer and cigar combos are appreciated as well...
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    Fuente Fuente Opus X

    I finally broke down and smoked one of the three Opus Xs I have. No special occasion, just ready to give them a try. Appearance: 5/5 This cigar was wrapped beautifully with a flawless leaf. No bumps, bruises or veins. This thing was immaculate. Construction: 5/5 The construction on this Opus...
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    Columbia - Grand Cru

    Grand Cru Restaurant 2600 S Providence Rd. Columbia, MO 65203 (573) 443-2600 Hours: Monday - Friday - 11 am to Late Night Saturday - 5 pm to Late Night Sunday - Closed except for special holidays & the first Sunday of the month when we host a Brunch Buffet from 10 am to 2 pm Website...
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    Quick cooler question

    I just set up a 48 QT cooler today (I know, go bigger but I'm restraining myself to a 48 for monetary reasons). I couldn't find an Oust fan to save my life. Do I need one for only a 48 QT and if so, where did you find them? Thanks.
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    Favorite Cigar Website?

    Just wondering what everybody's favorite cigar website is. NOT a purchasing site, but an advice type site, blog or other good site with updated and interesting info. Just looking for something new and entertaining. :tu
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    RG Preference

    I have noticed that since I started smoking I have begun to gravitate toward the smaller RGs in the last couple of months. When I first started smoking I think I just wanted to smoke a big cigar, but now I have come enjoy a nice corona or petite corona. Just thought I'd start a discussion. Any...
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    Smoking and being sick...

    I am down with the flu or some sort of cold. I am coming out of it a bit today and was wondering if there is any reason I shouldn't light up? It is a beautiful day here in Missouri, 64 and sunny. Any advice is appreciated.
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    The Ebb and Flow of Cigar Smoking

    In the last three months or so I have smoked less and less cigars and have gone periods of weeks without smoking. For some reason it just didn't interest me as much. When I first started out of course I went in guns blazing. Now however, I just had my wisdom teeth removed and of course cannot...
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    A winter tragedy...

    I came back to my apartment at school yesterday only to find my humidor ransacked! I guess one of my roommates had a party while I was out of town and all of my smokes are gone. I lost about 35 good soldiers. No one is in town so I'm not really sure what happened. It's very strange and...
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    What a bummer!

    Well I finally bit the bullet and got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled today! Ouch! So it seems like no cigars for awhile. I forgot to ask the surgeon so what kinda time do you think I'm looking at before lighting up? Man this sucks! Enjoy your smokes boys.
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    Edge by Rocky Patel (Corojo)

    I just finished an Edge and I was impressed yet again. I figured it was time for a review. Cut, lit and draw were all good. This cigar looks great, good smooth wrapper with a nice medium brown color. Slightly veiny, but didn't take away from it. Right on first light, a good taste of spice, earth...
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    New Humi

    I am looking for a new 100 count or so humi. My old 50 count leaks like a sieve and I'm tired of dealing with it. I would even be interested in a used one if it seals well. Any ideas where to start?
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    Flor de Oliva shortage?

    I went to order a bundle of Flor de Oliva maduros for the upcoming football tailgating and every online retailer has at least a two week back order. Any ideas whats up?
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    Sometimes life is good...

    Me and my girlfriend recently celebrated our one year anniversary. What a wonderful night. My gift from my girlfriend was a custom cigar sampler and The Sopranos The Book. I had a great steak dinner, followed by a trip to a dessert bar where I enjoyed an amazing dessert and a Bailey's on the...
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    Humidor help-again

    I have had my humi since June and it has been pretty inconsistent ever since. I have checked the seal (done the light test several times) used masking tape and a draw catch to improve the seal and it still seems that it will flucuate 2-3% daily. I am also using beads. When I first started out I...
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    Cigar Prints/Posters

    Fellow BOTLs, I am moving into a new apartment on Wednesday and need to decorate it. I figured why not cigar stuff. Any idea where to look for a selection of cigar prints or posters?
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    Fridgeador Question

    I was wondering if a "dorm fridge" would work for a fridgeador. I have heard about using the wine coolers because they are thermoelectric, but would a regular fridge on the warmest setting work? Thanks.
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    Cigars: Collecting and Smoking

    As I get further into this hobby and slide further down the slope, I realized a few things. I, of course, love smoking cigars as it has been said "cigars are for smoking", however, I also have come to enjoy collecting cigars. I get a substantial amount of joy by just opening up the humi and...
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    Primos Cigars?

    I just recently one of these sticks and was really impressed! I believe they are owned by Los Blancos Cigar Company. Couldn't find out much info on them. Anyway at $2.75 from my local B&M, they are hard to beat!:tu Anyone ever tried one or know anything about them?