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    5 Vegas Series A Archetype and S&W 1911

    I've got some ideas..... now I just need to figure out what would go with a Serbu BFG 50? :D
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    5 Vegas Series A Archetype and S&W 1911

    $500 is a steal for this gun. It's very very well made. Superior in my mind to a kimber, any series 80 colt, para-ord, and the lower and mid end Springfields. I don't buy ammo anymore, it's too expensive for me, so I reload it. My reloading vids, if anyone is interested...
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    5 Vegas Series A Archetype and S&W 1911

    Thanks! Actually it is bone stock- everything in there it comes with. It's a great gun. :)
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    5 Vegas Series A Archetype and S&W 1911

    In light of so many BOTL's being firearms enthusiasts as well, here is a review of a 5 Vegas Series A "Archetype" and a S&W1911. Vital facts: 5 Vegas: Wrapper: Costa Rican Maduro Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaraguan, Honduran Body: Medium-Full, according to website Size...
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    Ministry show tonight Chicago

    It's okay, Ministry is a bunch of creepy old guys at this point too. ;)
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    South Portland - Calabash

    Calabash Jetport Plaza 425 Western Ave South Portland, ME 04106 (207) 774-8673 Interesting little shop. Kind of a cigar shop/sandwich shop. Walk in humidor has decent selection. Regular store has humis, lighters, etc. You can get food and coffee and I think wine and beer as well. It has...
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    shilala beads

    so if you apply water directly to Shilala beads, they produce a lot of heat but do not degrade at all?
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    When do you restrict your smoking?

    I often don't smoke because there is often no convenient place or time for me to smoke. I can't smoke in the house, and being cold outside takes away any enjoyment for me, so I'd rather stay in and warm with no cigar than freeze and shivver with one. Also, between feeding the kids, putting...
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    Oliva V Belicoso

    Thanks for the review! I picked one up at a B&M I found in RI. Can't wait to try it!
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    Is it ok to smoke stogies in your house?

    When I had my own "room" I could smoke in there, I just made sure the ventilation was decent. Now my "room" is above the garage, far away from the house (but heated) so I smoke in here. When we remodel the house, this will probably go away, so I'll have an office in the home again, and will be...
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    Johnston - 3 Guys Cigars

    3 Guys Cigars 1465 Atwood Ave Johnston RI (401) 369-7447 I found this place while traveling for business and stopped in. I went in looking for Olivas, just by chance because I had found not much luck locally. Turns out they were the only supplier in New England for a few months before...
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    Are You a Member of Other Online Cigar "Communities"?

    When I was first looking for cigar information a couple of months ago, I googled "cigar forums". CS was not first on the list, so I linked to four or five other forums, read them all, went back and forth looking at the culture, activity, design, etc. CS was the most active by far ( I like...
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    shilala beads

    So these are different from the heartfelt beads then?
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    Rocky Patel Fumas

    They do burn funny, that's for sure (mine are newish too, and mostly have never left their box) but at least they are easy to relight. ;) I had another one on another drive this morning, and I had read that the wrapper has a really salty taste to it, which I haven't noticed because I almost...
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    RP Signature: Fantastically Subtle

    Great review, love the descriptions! I got a lot of nutmegey, cinnamoney tastes also, not actual tastes, but hints of tastes. Very tantalizing. :)
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    Hygrometer Help - Should I return it?

    MY salt is a buck three eighty, because it's special. :)
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    Rocky Patell Vintage 1990

    Here';s the image tag...minus the end brackets. IMG][/IMG what the heck is
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    It is time for us to send more cigars to the Troops!

    Amazingly generous. PMing you!
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    Rocky Patel Fumas

    Really? I thought I had looked it up correctly, once, when I was curious as to what the heck "toothy" meant. Thought it referenced the presence of bumps.... guess I'll have to look it up again. :) Thanks for the heads-up though!
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    Rocky Patel Fumas

    Update with some pics... The cigar, nice n toothy Nice cap Foot Dark Ash Handsome, eh? Dark Ash closeup: