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    Holt's Tropical Fever???

    They have a new batch in stock, anyone smoking them? Any reviews out there...?
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    Price & Flavor Question...

    This is probably more of a rant than a comment… I really am taken back by the statement “for the price it is really good!” I understand “for that price, it should have been better!” It is either good or it ain’t… How does price effect flavor? Why not say “a good cigar at an attractive...
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    San Fran

    I am going to be in San Fran in two weeks, where are the good places to smoke? Anyone been here:
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    De Facto Rating Scale???

    What is it?
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    Cubao, You heard it here first!!!1

    It will be in the top 10 of CA's top 25 smokes of '08... Outstanding cigar...
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    Kuba Kuba vs Cremosa???

    If there as a gun to your head and you had to smoke either a Kuba Kuba or a Cremosa what would you pick? :confused:
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    What's your favorite Rocky Patel?

    I am always looking for something new to try and I am a fan of Rocky's cigars, so I figured that I would ask the jungle... What is your favorite Rocky Patel? I have been enjoying the Decade lately and the Edge line was a "go to" for me for a while...
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    Why does Rockey Patel have a bad rap?

    A similar thread has got me to thinking; why all the negative comments on Rocky Patel cigars? I agree that some of the "value" cigars don't have the same complexity as some other "premium" lines, but Rocky has been tuning heads and dropping some great products over the last few years. Look to...
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    New Pepin Smoke!!!1

    Sorry if it has already been posted...
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    What to pair with this cigar???

    Kind of joking here, I happened to see these at the gas station and got a pretty good laugh... I guess some people buy them...
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    Padilla closing shop?!?

    Sorry if this is a repost... I got the new Holt's catalog yesterday and they are having a big sale on Padilla. They said that it looks like Padilla is closing down his factory, any truth to this? :confused:
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    Nice Pepin Deal!!!1

    Sorry if it has been posted... Nice Deal of 5 Vegas Miami...
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    Tat Series P!?!?

    I am hearing the the Series P blend as changed or is changing from using the same leaves as the Havana IV, is this true?
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    Nice Don Pepin Garcia article (Link) Sorry if it has already been posted...
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    Famous Nic Corojo!?1

    Has anyone smoked any?
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    Your next NC pick up!!!1

    I wanted to make a thread where folks could post their next NC pick up and possibly get some advise and input from the jungle... For example, best price, freebies, free shipping or profile information... What do ya'll think? Me, I am looking at a box of Tat Angeles PC from...
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    Twine in my Tat P1!!!1

    I just went to enjoy a nice Tat P1 and found about in inch of twine in it after I cut the cap... I still smoked it, and enjoyed it very much so I'm not really pissed...
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    Dang, Joe did it again!!!1

    Joe just tricked me into more cigars! 10 RP Sungrown Perfectos for $25...
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    More than 1 somke @ a time???

    Do you, or have you ever smoked more than one stick at a time? Please discuss... Me, I never have...
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    Going to Tampa!!!1

    I have to go to Tampa in two weeks for work but will have some down time; where besides TampaSweethearts is the best places to go for the Tampa Cigar Experience? Thanks in advance...