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    CBid head scratchers..

    Ok, we all know that people tend to get a bit silly with CBid. But sometimes, I really wonder just what goes through their minds when they make these bids. For example: Ashton VSG Belicoso 5 pack, current bid: $53. Ashton VSG Belicoso 5 from CI: $46.25. Even if you account for the $5...
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    Sabor Cubano Robusto?!?

    I've wanted to try the Sabor Cubano based on various reviews (all of which were glowing) so I checked out based on the hits from Google. It appears they are actually the makers of this cigar. On their website they have three sizes: Corona Gorda, Grand Corona, and Grand...
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    Edge Counterfeits vs X-Outs.

    Since I'm smoking a lot more lately, I've come to the conclusion that I really need to find an everyday smoker. I found lately that I actually like the taste of RP's Edge (ok, so I'm going back on what I said about being done with RP blends--but in my defense, Edge after sitting in the humi for...
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    Hygrometer calibration.

    How accurate are those calibration packets? I ask because I've tried to calibrate my hygrometer (all digital) and either I'm doing the salt test incorrectly (although, I think I did manage to do it correctly once a while back) or there's something I'm missing. I put a cap full of salt + some...