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    Great smoke tonight.

    Some may be suprised the praise that I give this smoke, but I personally enjoyed it tremendously. I am Pepin whore and ,thanks to a few BOTL's whom a bombing is due, have had the pleasure of gaining the knowledge of the "island" cigars as of lately. I had my first Punch Rare Corojo NC...
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    Don Pepin Support Thread

    I hope this thread holds up for BOTL's, but I thought it would be a somewhat useful thread. Mods if this belongs in retailer thread please move. This thread is for anyone to post where Pepin products can be had for cheaper at any given time. Some retailers are pricier than others. Any...
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    Newhavana Cigars

    I know everyone is familiar w/ this retailer, but has anyone tried their house brand yet. I was curious if these are worthy. I obviously get Tats and Pepins from them, but didn't know of any reviews on the house blend.
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    Shops in Vancouver

    Can any of you Canadian BOTL's help me out? My father is traveling there in a few days and I would like to give him some reputable retailers up there. Not sure exactly where he is staying, but will respond w/ that info. Thanks in advance.:ss
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    El Centurion

    Forgive my rookie review skills, but I will try and get my opinion across.....w/ no pics. Sorry pervs, not a photoshop expert either. Picked up a guerrero for 14.99 (I know, I know). First thing I noticed was the difference in weight and the looseness of the filler, compared to other pepin...
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    Legends series- Pepin

    I have read the Top 25 reviews, but really am looking for more info on whether these are a good goto smoke. I am looking for a Nic corojo go to smoke, that has similiar qualities to the Pepin blends. I understand the complexity or quality might not be the same, but looking for similiar flavor...
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    I have read the Top 25 reviews, but really am looking for more info on whether these are a good goto smoke. I am looking for a Nic corojo go to smoke, that has similiar qualities to the Pepin blends. I understand the complexity or quality might not be the same, but looking for similiar flavor...
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    What next for go to smokes?

    OK, I started off really on to smoking the Tampa Sweethearts. I don't know what it is, but I am officially bored with them. i need another go to smoke that satisfies my tastes. I may just be bored with most of the Dominican tobaccos, but that may not be it. What is another good bargain smoke...
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    For you GA gorillas

    I am looking for a good cigar bar that is near the Gwinnett area. Any recommendations? I am taking my wife for an after dinner drink/s and would like to light up one in an indoor atmosphere.:ss
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    Jericho spanish rosado?

    Does anyone know where to find this smoke? I got a sampler of this last year and it was quite a tasty smoke. I haven't seen them since. I know there are better smokes and so many more to want, but I was impressed with these and would like to try more now to see if my opinion is the same on...
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    Padilla Habano

    I have read what reviews there are on Top25, but I am still unsure about jumping the gun on these. Does anyone have any opinions on this line, and are they worth buying a box? Are there better smokes in this price range, if you are a Pepin whore? :ss
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    Start up B&M

    I couldn't find the previous post with info on this. This is a long term goal of mine. I am doing a lot of research to make sure I am not trying to live a difficult dream. I worked in the industry for about 5 years, and know some store owners in the business from my past work experience...
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    Heat and cigars

    I have a question about the heat levels that cigars are subjected to. I am sitting at work and know that a shipment has been delivered to my house. They have been there since 1:30 est and I won't get home until about 5:00est. The temp is mid 80's and I am concerned that these are in trouble...
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    Anejo- Cameroon vs. maduro

    I had questions about the difference in these two wrappers and also which is preffered more. I have smoked various maduros, but haven't seen the cammies available. Any opinions or links to comparisons would be much appreciated. I won't vote on the poll as I haven't smoke the cammie. Edit...
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    Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label Robusto

    Smoked one of these for the first time last weekend. Never had Pepin or Padilla, but after reading about them, had to pick up one at the B&M. First off let me say that I am a bit of a Fuente snob when it comes to quality, value and craftsmanship. I was in awe at the beauty of the...
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    Quick smokes?

    All right before I get flack, I have tried searching for an answer, but I need some advice on short smokes. I am at a point in my life where the weekends are about the only time I find to smoke a nice time consuming cigar. I was wondering about some good quick smokes. Maybe something I can...
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    Davidoff Millenium Pyramids Torpedo

    All right so I just got my Arnold's cigars a week ago, but it was Easter Sunday and I was going to have a good occasion smoke. I had never had a Davidoff and was curious to what all the hype was about these. Prelight- It was a well made cigar. Reminded me of the King B, due to the wrapper...
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    Flor De Ybor City?

    I am pondering ordering a bundle of these. Very pleased with the TS's, but don't know much about these. I looked on top25 but no luck. Are these good smokes? Compared to TS? I will probably get the sampler, but can sometimes judge by a flavor profile description. Once again any feedback...
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    AFH WOA- Maduro vs. Cameroon?

    I have smoked both types of wrapper on this line, but so infrequently that I really don't know the difference. I was wondering on opinions of which is more preferred. It has been a while since I smoked a Cam wrapped Hemi, but recently smoked a WOA maddie. Any feedback would be aqppreciated...
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    San Diego Smoking?

    My wife and I will be making a trip to San Diego in late April. I don't know much about smoking laws/taxes out there as this will be my first visit. I was looking for a good cigar lounge/restaraunt if anybody knows any. Also is it worth purchasing cigars out there vs. other states? I want to...