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    Cigar Slump?

    Having two kids now is really slowing down how often I light up. there were a few times where I would light up a RASS or another premie NC and never get to enjoy it because I would have to stop and take care of something. I will be looking into a pipe soon. I have smoked them years ago, but...
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    I've fallen in love with Nicaraguan Puros

    For the money I am really into the Illusion's. I still love the Pepin products. I even like the JDN's.
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    My wife was going to throw this away.

    Sweet brother. Nice score.
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    Pepin Whores, I Need An Answer

    I brought this up in another Pepin thread. I have noticed a difference. The ones that have had a purple label I have found to be better. Don't know why, but just better flavor. Of course those came from shops that ensured the proper storage.
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    Packing cigars for Iraq

    Thats what you get for asking how to ship cigars to our troops.:ss
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    RP Sungrown Petite Perfecto

    Yes. Just picked up some PC's from my pop's humi. they aren't as good, but can be had for cheap and aren't bad.:2
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    Illusione 88 robusto

    I enjoy these smokes. For the price of around 6-8 bucks they have great flavor. Not vastly complex, but how many are under 10 bucks?
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    Club Stogie's Flag Flown On A Mission High Above Iraq!!

    That is truly a pride inspiring site. Get home safely men and women.
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    B&M "Phasing out" Perdomo!!!

    B&M's will "phase out" whatever isn't selling. Can't say I blame them. I go to a handful of shops and all seem to have different selections as a whole. They stock what "their" customers want. I go where Pepin goes.
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    Great smoke tonight.

    It wasn't a mindblowing smoke, but the flavors were very pronounced. I didn't notice soap. I love the spice and corojo flavor that Pepin's give, and this smoke reminded me of that. Maybe not as rich and blended as well, but I enjoyed it. Considering a box of these can be had pretty cheap...
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    Look at what my GF did!

    At least he wasn't elf'd.
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    Great smoke tonight.

    Some may be suprised the praise that I give this smoke, but I personally enjoyed it tremendously. I am Pepin whore and ,thanks to a few BOTL's whom a bombing is due, have had the pleasure of gaining the knowledge of the "island" cigars as of lately. I had my first Punch Rare Corojo NC...
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    Don Pepin Support Thread

    I thought that thread is the same, but I was thinking more real time posting. I know the blends, but if there is a great deal that someone spots or a one day sale, then maybe they could post here as well. I will read the Pepin Whores thread as well.
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    Don Pepin Support Thread

    I hope this thread holds up for BOTL's, but I thought it would be a somewhat useful thread. Mods if this belongs in retailer thread please move. This thread is for anyone to post where Pepin products can be had for cheaper at any given time. Some retailers are pricier than others. Any...
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    For those who need a new cutter

    Can it pick up Tv stations from outer space?- Ron White
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    Which Fuente Anejo size is your favorite?

    I was after sharks all the time, but IMHO the 46 was the most complex. My local B&M has the 50'6 and 55's priced higher than the 77's.:confused:
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    Pepin Garcia Blue label Imperiales

    I don't think that even the new ones are ALL cello'd. When I did the October "JoeCigar" Pepin sale, mine arrived w/out cello. The first dozen or so blue's I smoked were from a B&M. The band was different than my last box purchase as well as the joecigar purchase. You may be right, but CI...
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    Opus X ???

    Must be a nice problem to have.
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    Tatuaje Miami Coj 2006

    Haven't tried the Cojonu's yet. Love the J21 and most all of the other tats.