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    Tuscaloosa - Downtown Trading Company

    Downtown Trading Company 617 Greensboro Ave Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 (205) 759-3256 I've stopped in a smoked here several times. Staff has always been very helpful and encourages hanging out and smoking in the shop. Nice little lounge area to smoke in as well.
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    Sancho Panza Double Maduro

    This cigar is quickly becomming one of my go-to sticks. The flavors are consistant, as is the burn and construction. I've yet to have a bad one :) These always seem to produce good volumes of smoke and taste great. I love the chocolate and coffee tastes. They are not to overpowering yet...
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    Cigar shops in Tuscaloosa, AL

    I'm going to be in Tuscaloosa tomorrow and was wondering if there is a cigar shop I should stop by. Any help would greatly be appreciated! Oh and if anyone would like to meet up and smoke one I'll have a couple hours to burn and would be glad to. :ss