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    Son Heading for Iraq

    My son is in the national guard and will be heading to Iraq in October. His mom and I are naturally anxious about this. Join us in praying for a safe tour. Thank you all
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    I was wanting to try some different cigars, so I picked up this sampler. I'm always afraid that I pay too much.
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    Rey Miguel Churchhill

    A humerous note first. I recieved the box of cigars at work. The box had " Hand Made by Cubans" stamped on the bottom. My friends were amazed ..Cubans? I told them yes, but the Cubans lived in Miami. I thought it was funny.:D A 7 x 50, this was smoked right off the truck, I think the cigar...
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    Bad Day at Work

    Went to work today and was told the main guy from Houston was going to talk to us. Well, he did around noon. Everyone was terminated and the doors were shut. It was unexpected, but what can you do? We were given 2 months severance pay, along with insurance paid up until April 30th, with is...
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    My Tastes are Changing

    When I first started I smoked mainly maduros. The taste was smoother( I don't know any other way to describe it), to me than a natural of same cigar. Eight monthes later, I still like maduros, but not as much. I have been smoking more naturals. To me the naturals have a more varied taste, if...
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    Rocky Patels are mentioned

    on this site quite a bit. I purchased an edge on monday and let it rest until this morning. I smoked it on the way to work, nice kick to start the day off. I also purchased a 1992 and a sungrown. I'll try them this weekend. They were reasonably priced too, hope the other two taste as well.
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    Taste Question

    If all cigars are capable of hatching beetles if allowed to get too hot, do the eggs impart some taste when burnt. Earthy? Leather? Harsh? Sorry, just a sick question, but valid
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    La Gloria Cubano Series R No.4

    A friend mailed me one, only La Gloria I have smoked. I let it sit in the humidor for about a month. I don't know if it was the 3 whiskeys, but that was the best cigar I have ever smoked.