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    Cigar aging questions?

    There are a lot of threads and post with opinions about aging cigars. They tend to break down into two camps: Aging Cuban cigars is good. Aging Non Cuban cigars, opinions range from not necessary to aging to long they may turn "flat" or mellow too much. My questions are why the difference in...
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    Strange Ash.

    Have you ever seen a cigar ash like this? I haven't. This was a 5 Vegas Cask Strength. A nice smoke that I enjoyed, but a lot stronger than I thought it would be. It burned nice and straight but the ash, as you can see split open for the first inch. Strange. Has this 5 Vegas Cask Strength line...
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    Edge lovers

    Weird title I know From the why didn't I think of that file.. Most of us like brownies right, with pecans please. But I really like the brownies from the edge of the pan.:dr Now have a whole pan of edges.. Brownies are better than cake..:chk
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    Fishing trip, and a Padron

    Question: Does the fishing trip make the cigar better, or does the cigar make the fishing trip better.??? Last week I was in the Chicago area for some job training and seminars. We were pretty busy most of the week, but they had some trips planned for us Thursday afternoon. Before I traveled...
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    My First Taboo--A Twist Robusto

    I don't do reviews often, I think this is only my second "official" review. Sorry no pictures.. But this was such a good, enjoyable cigar I had to share my thoughts on this one. First I have to thank Major Captain Silly and Rob at Taboo for the Taboo Twist Robusto, MCS bombed me with box of...
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    Opus X Silver Ring

    A cool looking ring for the Opus X whores out there.
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    Big Humi in Chicago area

    Is this a good deal? I'm glad its too far away for me.:r It wouldn't look very good in my new one bedroom apartment, If you know what I mean.
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    Crazy Cutter.

    I wonder how good a brass cutter cuts? Do you think it is a cigar cutter??
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    Forbidden Slippers

    Fuente Opus X Slippers. Group buy...??
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    Cigar Monster request

    I e-mailed CigarMonster with a request. Here is the e-mail: From: Charlie & Jeff [hXXXxxxXXs@cXXcn] Posted At: Sunday, January 06, 2008 10:34 PM Conversation: Cigar monster Posted To: Customer Service Subject: Cigar monster Hi Famous I keep hoping someday to see the Maria...
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    Browsers Favorites "Cigars" folder.

    I like most of you I have several folders in my browsers favorites/bookmark list. And of course most of us have a folder named "CIGARS" The question is how many links do you have in that folder? I just counted 54 cigar related links in my Cigars folder.:hn
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    Joe Cigar Deal. Question

    How many times did you pull the trigger :gn in the last 90 days???:hn DO NOT Click on jjirons69's link...Jamie rickrolled my thread..I warned you.
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    Confession time.

    A short story, related to the confession. I am working at this glass factory for a contractor that is rebuilding a conveyor system. One of the plant employees is on our crew as a helper/go-fer. I noticed that every morning he went through several cups of coffee, he even told me where the big...
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    New Accessory for "Freezeers"

    This might come in handy for those out there who freeze your cigars. Click on See in action button
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    Knife Auction for the Troops

    I have noticed a couple threads in the last couple weeks concerning folding knives. I have a Spyderco knife I want to auction off to Club Stogie gorillas. Any Club Stogie member interested in this knife can bid on it. Of course the bidding will be in cigars. All cigars bid for the knife will go...
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    Cigar handling. At the B&M and at home.

    I made a trip to a couple B&M's in KC yesterday. When I was looking around in a big walk in humidor, I noticed a guy opening tubo packaged cigars. He was also taking the cigars out of the tubo and giving them the big under the nose sniff. He then put them back in the tube and back on the shelf...
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    Going to Outlaw in KC..

    Leaving in 20 minutes. Anybody need anything?:chk:mn
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    What I learned today..Cigar wise.

    I know that there is a thread like this in the "Everything but cigars" forum. I did a search in here the "All Cigar Lounge" for a similar thread, but didn't find one. I learned that if you are gifted a Makers Mark cigar, kindly say, thank you that looks good. Thats not a lie, they look pretty...
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    At the KC Herf Saturday AlanB noticed a CAO in a gold aluminum tubo and made a comment about packaging and the cost. I know when I was a total newb and making my first trips into B&M's with big walk-in humidors that the fancy bands, boxes, and tubos caught my eye, and influenced my purchases...
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    Joe Jackson Essay

    SMOKE, LIES AND THE NANNY STATE Here is a interesting read from musician Joe Jackson. I can't say that I agree with all of it, but still a entertaining read. With all the smoking bans discussed here I thought some of you might like to read his take on them. Its a pdf. download link...