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    Isla de Cuba Maduro

    This was the toro version I had today on the golf course and I was asked to take this cigar for a spin to see how it preformed for the b&m. Very nice box-press with no viens to speak of in the conecticut broadleaf wrapper. A very well constructed cigar. Draw was perfect. The filler is nic...
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    Defiance by Xikar

    Wrapper: Nicaraguan Criollo Filler: Nicaraguan Binder: Nicaraguan Size: Lonsdale -- The Sentry 6 x 46 Paid: Sample Filled very well and heavy in the hand. The draw was perfect with a slight resistance that I like. The Nic Criollo wrapper had a slightly reddish hue with a nice oily sheen...
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    Attention North Carolinians!

    The low 3% tax on cigars is changing October 1st! NC's tax on cigars after 10/1/07 will jump to 10%. Just a heads up! Buy now before prices increase!
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    Padilla 1932 La Perla

    These arrived at my b&m last week. The La Perla comes unbanded in cabinets of 50, production is limited and it is the only vitola in the line to be made in the Nicaraguan factory. It is 4.5 x 40 and a Pepin masterpiece!! This little cigar is a kick in the pants at the same time an absolute...
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    El Primer Mundo--Criollo Maduro

    This a new cigar on the market made by Nestor Plasencia for this new company. I was lucky enough to talk a bit with the President of the company about the production and quality of the cigars and he was a great guy. They offer two lines, the Connecticut Shade and the Criollo Maduro. He gave...
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    Contest for noobs...II!

    Ok, I am a little late with this as I promised it would be posted yesterday. This contest is open to CS members that have signed up since April 15th of this year. Only one guess per player so good luck!!! I played golf today in a 4-man Captain's Choice Tournament. Played a par 72 course. My...
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    Contest for noobs!

    Ok, here is a contest open to noobs only that have signed on CS within the past 3 months. The winner will recieve a nice selection of NC's. You can only have one guess and no duplicate answers will be accepted. I will be playing golf tomorrow at 9am. What will be my final score? I have a 12...
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    Don Pepin Blue Label

    I was gifted several of these by PuffDaddy and promised a review. This Blue Label is a Generosos 6x50 Toro. A Nic Puro that is very well contructed with a triple cap. When I say very well constucted, I mean perfect! On pre-light draw, tasted nuts and wood and a hint of pepper. I could tell...
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    CONTEST!!!! Radio style!

    Easy Contest!! Everyone can play and no questions to answer. I am doing this "radio style" so all you have to do, is be the 3rd poster in this thread to win a selection of good NC's! ONLY ONE POST PER PERSON! :SM Have at it..........................................:mn :ms NCRM
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    Anyone ever had a Victory Cigar?

    I asked a few weeks ago and got no response. Maybe some newer members have had one. My local b&m has a ton of these in the bargain bin, and they look really good. Anybody.......Anyone.........thanks! :ms NCRM
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    Anyone ever tried Victory Cigars? One of my local b&m's have a ton of these in the bargain bin. Buy one, get one free. Wondering if anyone has tried these? They look really good. Box pressed torps. :ms NCRM
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    Casa Fuente

    My parents just got back from Vegas and they visited a new shop in the Forum Shops at Caesars and brought me back a couple Casa Fuente's! Evidently, from my research, these just arrived at the store! The grand opening is tomorrow. These are only available at that store! Here is what I found...
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    A sad story........

    Last evening, I was invited to get-together of friends who regularly play different role playing games like D&D and the like. This is the first time I've done so since taking up the leaf. They said they didn't mind if I brought a smoke or two and if I would, gift this particular gentleman...
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    El Rico Habano

    Probably not to good with description but here goes.....Dude at the shop thought I might enjoy this one. ($6.40) He told me it is similar to the La Goria. I wouldn't know, haven't had one, yet. As he pulled the box out, I immediatly thought, this one looks mean. Great constuction and firm...