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    Crackling Cigar

    I have been smoking for several years but had something interesting happen to my smoke tonight.I was smoking a Slow Aged lot.826 maduro & noticed the cigar starting crackling & popping about the first inch in & then the last couple of inches to the nub.I have been real fortunate to have never...
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    ***$5.00 lighter from CI***

    Was just wondering if anyone purchased that Slow Aged lot + Xikar lighter combo from CI?I bought the maduro sampler & shelled the extra five bucks for the Xikar(Enigma) lighter.<works great> :chk
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    ***How long till bloom forms***

    Was wondering about "bloom" the white powdery substance that forms on aging cigars.I have a few that have been aging for a couple of years now & can only slightly see some developing.Temp and or humidity the problem maybe?:confused::confused: Box is at 62-65 rh & cello's are off.
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    ***Lighter or Matches***

    I know everybody drops big money on expensive butane lighters,(I have several also)but what about cedar matches that you get with an online order or at your favorite B & M?:cool:
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    ***Worst machine made u ever smoked***

    :ss What is the worst machine made or cheap hand-made cigar you have ever smoked(mine was a Swisher-Sweet Kings).Tasted like dry leaves wrapped around dog food.:2
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    ***What are you aging***

    Was just curious what & how long everybody's got.For me i have 2 currently aging a Gurkha Legend Toro (1 year) & a Graycliff Pg Robusto(3+years on it).I would age more but have to wait untill new humi arrives my other 75 count broke off at the hinges.:mad: