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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

    Too bad your stick didn't qualify for lunchbox's contest he is running.Here lookie :ss
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    Smoking at a college football game

    :tpd: She be banned around here also.:hn
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    Project: Gun Cabinet to Humidor

    If you are getting consistent 65% rh why go with the Oasis? Just my 2 :2
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    Project: Gun Cabinet to Humidor

    What are you using for humidification? Is that a word?
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    bottled water instead of distilled water?

    I use this!!! Distilled water is overated.:r
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    what cigar are you going to smoke next Friday ?

    Is it too early to be drunk?:r:r.......Nah!!!!!!
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    A little comedy from Famous

    I liked the one review it got.:tu :r Davidoff Cigar Reviews Great investment Excellent craftsmanship and easy on the eye. A little pricey but spread over thirty years, it's a mear twenty five cents a day. This review was written about Davidoff Pyramid Humidor by John S. of Brunswick, MD on...
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    Mood, Emotions, and Cigars...

    You didn't know?We're also all going out to have our hair done later.:r
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    CI catalog

    I think if anyone ever paid for a Thompsons catalog they should get a free ride to the insane asylum.:r:r
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    Salt Test

    What he is trying to say is take your hygrometer & dip it in water then pour salt all over it untill you can't see it anymore then check the reading.:r:r:r:r I'm sorry i'm just off my meds.:chk
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    Cigar Misconceptions

    Trust me it does ruin it.:r
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    Cigar Misconceptions

    :r I've done that before.:r
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    Smoking man cave ready for operation

    Nice cave Gary looks like the sticker thing really worked out for you.:D
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    It happened!

    What's a salad? :r
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    taboo SFO toro

    Thats one of my favorite blends from Taboo......but a 3 on the scale that makes me cry a little,my scale says more like a 7 or 8.:D
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    Ugly cab and Opus Pr0n - NO poop pics!

    Re: Ugly cab and Opus P0rn - NO poop pics! Good lord you Opus whore you.:r I would hate to see your bank account.:D
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    How to freeze cigars?

    You're fixing to get bombed with several different opinions on the proper way to freeze your sticks.I have smoked for several years & have never had to freeze,alas many gorillas here freeze everything they recieve just for good measure.If your paranoid about beetles it's no big deal if the...
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    Uh Oh...Beetles in Sabor Cubano

    They taste like a Big Mac From McDonalds :r
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    What was your first cigar?

    :tpd: Man.I was afraid i was the only one.:r I'm going to go buy a Garcia from 7-11 right now,just to bring back the memories.:D