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    An observation about aged NCs

    I see so many people who stick up for NCs over CCs, and talk about how equal (or even in some cases better) the NCs are. I just wanted to make a single counterpoint in the form of a question: If aged NCs are so good how come they are so hard to sell? Over the past year I've sold 90 boxes and...
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    For those considering an Aristocrat

    Get the full extension shelves. I know the money makes you think "Why" but trust me on this. Having had one with and one without it makes a world of difference to be able to touch any box you own in about 6 seconds.
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    My wife laughed at me about Shak

    When i told her how excited I was to get to Shak and meet al my cigar mentors, sigh. Something about the phrase cigar mentors cracks her up.
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    Do you clean your Dupont?

    Wondering if you use it everyday do need to clean it?
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    Why I sold so many smokes

    People have been asking me in pms and I'd rather answer this one time. Over the last year I've fallen hard on some things. I had more than 250 various RP products, 5 boxes of DCMs, 10 boxes of 80ths and 5 boxes of Anniversarios. And I wasn't enjoying any of those smokes the way I used to. I...
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    Good news for Maryland Smokers!

    I just saved 15% on my car insurance! Ok you had to see that coming. But seriouly starting yesterday you can once again smoke in the Havana Room downtown. REJOICE!
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    Bad cigar descriptions (not to be confused with descriptions of bad cigars)

    I HATE to hear people say something like "towards the end its not a bad cigar." Its a bit like describing hell as not so bad once you get used to the burning sensation. And a guy always gives that description as he is handing it to you.
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    Lighting with matches

    I don't ever light with matches. When I do I seem to have a difficult time getting a nice even light. is there some trick to this technique, I ask because I anticipate the arrival of my first Dupont tomorrow and it just struck me as to how the hell will I light stogies with it given how it...
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    I feel betrayed, would you?

    OK long story short, every one knows the long standing love affair I had with my local B&M. I mean I was posting here for a while before I started buying and I knew that I wasn't going to get the best price buying at my retailer. I knew my selection would certainly be more limited buying from...
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    Questions for the Zero Haliburton Users

    They are simple really: - How do you refill the humidifier? - How often do you have to refill it? - Whenever I see someone with these they are never using the trays, is there a reason for that? - How do you reset the lock?
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    Who goes hard on accessories?

    I recently purchased a Zero Haliburton, now I am considering getting myself an ST Dupont Lighter and cutter set. I complete realize that there are cheaper and easier ways to manage all these things, I have 2 cigar cases, 5 lighters and 5 cutters (including both a Xikar and Palio) before I get...
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    Smoke less but smoke better

    When I opened my first box of Davidoff Diademas Finas, there is a little book in the box that basically gives you the timeline of the Davidoff cigar business. The first page of the book espouses this theory, that even if you cut back to once a month and smoke the best possible cigars you can...
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    How come you don't see more posts about aged NCs?

    I'm curious on this. I know at least 25% of the board believes NC to equal to CC. I mean we see this in posts all the time. But I really never see more than the occasional post about some one aging NCs. I mean sure you see the big three (Opus, Anejo and Padron) but its always a onesy twosey kind...
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    I'm proud to announce The Capital Cigar Society!!!

    A while back I had started recruiting people for a private cigar club in the Washington DC area. I'm proud to announce that we've pulled together enough people to start the effort. You can keep track of our progress, support us by attending our events and you can get all the information you...
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    Looking for the help of a graphic artist

    As you guys know me and 100 of my closest friends are starting a number of private clubs for smokers in the DC area. The time has come for us to get a logo designed. We're working with a design company now that just isnt getting us what we want and if some of you guys have that skill set and...
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    Where do you get those bands?

    For noting the vintage of your uncelloed cigars?
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    Help me love this man

    schnell987..... As some of you know I've had some lots posted that I was selling and then reduced. This guy contacted me about buying lots off me AT THE ORIGINAL LISTED PRICE (wouldnt hear of the reduction saying the original price was too good) and then had me send them to the troops. And...
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    If you could buy any three boxes right now.....

    I'm not talking wishlist crazy here so don't trot out the Dunhills from 1072 you dream about. Lets cap it with a limit of $1500. So what would you buy? For me its the following: 2000 H. Upman Sir Winstons 2000 Parti Lusis 2000 Montecristo A I'd have $5 left to buy some paper towels from the...
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    What was the last bad smoke you had?

    I can't remember actually. I think I'd have to go back to Xmas time and it was a Taboo Twist Churchill which I gave the lowest score I've ever awarded in a review. To be I've had other Taboo Twists which were OK but all the Churchills were bad.