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    Which CS Members Share Your Taste in Cigars?

    Hmmm I'd have to say Gpugs, Justinphilly, Bobby Ritz, Red Baron and Jkim to name a few.
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    Clubstogie Louie Collage

    Nice work!
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    Great Wichita News!!

    Congratulations, enjoy it.
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    An observation about aged NCs

    Bengal, There has been some small amount of heat in this thread so I’ll say this up front, the following is not directed at you. In fact it’s a redirection of the thread kind of. So far a lot of people have given me instruction on better ways to sell things. I don’t mind the hints but I...
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    An observation about aged NCs

    No Rolando I wasn't monitoring the thread for answers, typically questions are asked via PM. Since I didn't get any PMs I assumed there to be no interest. The answer to your question is sure you can circle back when you think you have room and see what is left.
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    1st CI purchase....not pleased

    CI will do you right no worries. These things happen occasionally but last year I prolly bought 40 boxes off them without incident.
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    An observation about aged NCs

    OK let me start with this for the record. Its 100% true and I'd say the same thing in a poly: I have never, ever, under any circumstances or at any time sold a single CC , nor a fiver, nor a box. Such behavior is against the laws of this country and not one I care to indulge in. I don't know...
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    An observation about aged NCs

    No need to apologize bro, I didn't take it personally. As they used to say love is love, its all good. For the record I doubt that what I wrote in the OP would draw any attention at all. Its not pictures of illegal cigars (which happens) and there is no mention of a transaction (also...
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    I think my father will be an acid guy

    Long as he is smoking what he likes makes no difference.
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    An observation about aged NCs

    Actually I'd challenge you to find a post where I have actually sold any CCs. On any forum anywhere. It was more a point than a "hey look at me selling CCs" kind of deal.
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    An observation about aged NCs

    I sold a few 07 boxes, most of my boxes, even NCs were 05 or older fitting nicely into your definition of aging. Also for me I'd say under a year is aging, over a year is aging 10 years is vintage. And I doubt any NC aged will move. I mean if I have a box of 07 Cohibas, or Montes or...
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    An observation about aged NCs

    Not really. The Don Carlos are decent but not sensational and the Carlitos are just plain awful.
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    An observation about aged NCs

    Hold you that screen name doesn't want Avos? Who are you and what did you do with the real Khubli?
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    An observation about aged NCs

    I see so many people who stick up for NCs over CCs, and talk about how equal (or even in some cases better) the NCs are. I just wanted to make a single counterpoint in the form of a question: If aged NCs are so good how come they are so hard to sell? Over the past year I've sold 90 boxes and...
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    Do you care if your S.O. doesn't keep up?

    My wife can have anything she wants and she is typically very frugal which is good since I'm a shopper. The good news I suppose is I don't spend to budget busting excess and my plans for and accomdates for my expenditures.
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    Do you smoke in your car?

    I voted yes but typically I only smoke if its hot enough for me to put the top down.
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    Sigh...My Girlfriend is going to kill me...

    Man I'm so far past this. I've corrupted the mail man. He'll knock on the door and if anyone other than me answers he'll ask my wife if I'm around to answer some questions about a video game. If I am here and not alone while talking about said game I pop the trunk of the car and he leaves the...
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    Strongest Cigar You Have Smoked

    I had a Camacho Liberty 05 that was phenom and almost but me down for the count. I battled back and smoked again that day but it was a near thing. Also had a DL-600 from Litto that did damn near the smae thing.
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    Rocky Patel cigars - opinions...

    I've smoked a lot of Rocky stuff in the past and would consider almost all of them to be good cigars. However currently the only one that really suits my taste is the Summer Blend stuff, with the Lancero being the pick of the litter.