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    Shilala Chest of Drawers for Vino

    I was graciously bombed with a set of Scotts Drawers and wanted to share how BAD-ASS they are. First of all this is what my vino looked like before the drawers The usual stacked boxes look. The boxes work great but for me I never liked digging through and taking out some of the boxes to get a...
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    Shilala Beads

    I know there have been a few reviews for these already but mine is way too cool not share. I just want to say that these f-ing beads are the best thing since sliced bread. For the past few months it has been hotter than hell out here so the A/C has been runnin almost all day. With the house...
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    Anybody from the Inland Empire CA

    Hey guys I do a lot of smoking alone and was wondering if I had any BOTL near by. I know of the S.H.I.T crew in SD and some others in LA but I am right in the middle and was lookin for some Herfin fools. I live in Temecula(about an hour away from the SHITers) and was lookin for a crew of my own...
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    Way too ~HOT~ today.

    I live in So. California just north of San Diego and it was 95 degrees outside. Not only am I miserable but my cigars are crying for some help. So now I have a question. Is there any way to keep the temp down in my cooler and humi without running the A/C all day? Thanks :tg (wish there was a...
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    Looking for a little jungle help.

    Hey BOTL/SOTL's I am looking to start a little project of my own soon and could use all of your help if possible. I know that Shilala is the McGyver of CS with all of his cool creations and he has inspired me to try a little handy work of my own. So if anyone has any cedar cigar sleeves laying...
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    Mikey C. the man, the myth, the legend

    Well to make a really long story short..... Mikey C. and myself had a little transaction a few weeks back and some how the Post office managed to mess it all up and the package was lost forever. But anyways I told him I was okay with the mess and that I would just count it as a lost no big...
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    Finally got a new humi!!

    Well I broke down and spent the money for a new humi. 100ct. I know it's small but all I can afford at the time. Now I gotta start saving to try and fill her up someday. I got it seasoning right now and have a few sticks waiting for their new home. Thanks for looking. :tu
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    Sancho Panza Double Maduro Quixote

    Well this being my first review I am a little nervous. I picked up a box of these 2 months ago after reading about the high praise the SPDM were receiving. I had one right out of the mail mans hands and another a week later. They were both really good. But this one, this one takes the cake (so...
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    Favorite place to enjoy a smoke?

    Hey everyone. I was wondering what all of your favorite places were to sit back and light one up. Ex. Backyard, front porch, garage, bar, etc.... I myself love to just sit out in the garage with the door open lounging in my chair, cranking the tunes, sipping the booze, and just get lost in a...