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    Football snack!

    Did a couple of (pulled) pork shoulders on Wednesday, finished it off today as pulled pork nachos. Damn, they were good, too!
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    Taboo Dominican Maduro

    Nice review, and I agree - nice flavors.
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    Nice to meet ya, OF. I was stationed at Patrick before I retired in '95. Worked AF Pad Control...

    Nice to meet ya, OF. I was stationed at Patrick before I retired in '95. Worked AF Pad Control at 41 (Titan).
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    how much are these worth? Arturo Fuente Fancy Tales

    Looks like they are worth about this much -
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    LGC Wavell Natural

    Nice review. Try the Glorias Extra, as well - great cigar.
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    Rhubarb Pie and Dancing girls

    I luvs me some Rhubarb pie! :tu
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    Welcome back, brutha! Glad to hear you're all better.
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    USPS Click and Ship question.

    You can also have the package picked up, at your house, the next day (if that is where your mail is delivered) for free.
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    Whats the best Haliburton Color?

    Looks like Tom has come into some IHT type money! :ss Very nice, brutha.
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    Anyone tried Man O' War

    Yeah, I've tried them. I'm glad I only bought a fiver!
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    Keep me and my daughter in your thoughts/prayers

    Will do, Mike. You hang in there and let us know if ya need anything.
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    Fathers day lineup

    Just finished an 8-9-8 with the morning coffee. Excellent it was. Don't know what's next.
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    Booker goes Fishing, Not Catching

    You mean they weren't jumpin' in the boat yellin' "take me, take me?" :D You're losing your touch, Booker.
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    Advertisers on CS

    All of you just calm the hell down. Every time something like this happens, someone who hasn't been here but a minute wants to jump all over someone else who they THINK is doing something wrong. A simple pm would have sufficed. Escalating things doesn't help anyone, and that is exactly what...
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    Perdomo recomendations?

    Lot 23 Natural, and Habano Corojo.
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    What are you hungry for...

    Mmmmmm, Bacon-Bacon! :D For me, it's a Parti Mille Fleur. Never lets me down.
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    What are you hungry for...

    when you don't know what you're hungry for? You go to the cabinet humi and browse, but don't see anything that really grabs ya. Then it's over to the desktop, but same thing. Then it's back to the cabinet to see if you overlooked anything the first time. Finally, you say the hell with it...
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    Top 5 Cigars You Smoke

    1. Partagas Mille Fleur 2. Perdomo Lot 23 Nat Robusto 3. Don Tomas Sungrown Robusto 4. 5 Vegas Classic 5. Quintero Londres Extra Usually have one or the other everyday.
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    La Tradicion Cubana, opinions?

    I love 'em. I got mine at