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    Third times the charm/ How long will you deal with a stick you are not enjoying?

    Anyone ever have one of those days where you grab a smoke, get an inch into it and bail? How about twice in a row?:r Third time was the charm here. The bands of the first two have been remove d to protect the innocent but I am really digging the Taboo LR. I feel like I am at the point now...
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    I have a new favorite cheap beer.

    I am a certified, dyed in the wool Yuengling Lager lover. I think my first beer (stolen out of my parents fridge) was a Lager. I drank 24 on my 21st (not recommended). I always have at least 12 in the beer fridge. I stock dozens of microbrews from all over the US and boutiques from the rest of...
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    Flavor and Strength - is it possible to be mutually exclusive?

    I am in a pondering sort of mood this soggy, humid morning. :ss Smoking a JdN Antano, I am wondering if flavorful always has to come with strength. For example, this is what I would consider a flavorful cigar but it is also what I (and most I imagine) would consider a strong cigar. To take the...
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    Macanudo 1968 Toro

    Quick one here - I got the three pack of these during the introduction period. I gifted the churchill and robusto away and just got around to the Toro Long story short, I thought this was excellent! Much more flavor than the regular old green labels. A bit spicy but very full and rich. I had...
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    Nomi Rare Collection Torpedo

    Nomi Rare Collection Torpedo Didn’t see much info out there on these so I thought I’d do a quick review. Size - Torpedo Wrapper - Corojo History - Here is the info from S&J (which is where I belive I got this) Nomi Wraper: Corojo Made in: Dominican Republic This is a very rare cigar made...
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    Tips or Tricks for cigars/smoke smell

    I smoke out in my man cave (a/k/a Garage). I usually smoke with the door open, but I have been straightening up out there and starting to think about cooler weather and the door being closed. What do you all use to combat the stale smoke smell? Candles, purifiers, sprays? Any tips? I have a...
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    Any Unibroue fans?

    I am fan of all of the ones I have had. Maudite - This is really good one if you like a bit of bite. Ephemere - This was the first I had and still a favorite, especially with Sushi. Trois Pistoles - I am having this one for the first time now, it is rich and very good. La Fin du Monde -...
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    B-Day gifts from the family!

    I got bombed by my Mom & Stepdad, Girlfriend and GF's parents with a gorgeous humidor and some excellent cigars so I had to come on and share with my CS bros. It is seasoning up now and I think this one is going to live upstairs in the living room with just a few special smokes in it since...
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    Gearing up for the Fourth!

    I am heading out to a small BBQ tonight (where it will be me and maybe my uncle having a stogie) and tomorrow to a HUGE BBQ that my GF's folks have had for 9 or 10 years running. I hope I have enough. :tu Just some favorites of mine for the cigar smokers in attendance: My Girlfriend's...
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    One man's trash... (aka Why AD720 is not above trashpicking!)

    My neighbors moved out and left this sitting at the curb. It was/is pretty dirty so I had to use some Spic&Span to give it a good clean. I'm going to let it run for a while in the garage and see if it cools down. (The neighbors are looooong gone so I can't ask them if it works or not.) So...
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    Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout

    While this is a favorite of mine, tonight is the first time I have had one with a cigar. What a great complement to a smoke. Gonna have to start stocking this in the beer fridge. :tu
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    Well thanks a lot!

    Look what you guys made me do.:hn Yes, that is 120 qt cooler number 2. Thanks a lot "friends". :ss:chk
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    For my dad.

    My Dad called me this morning at 5:00 am from the hospital. It seems he has had another "cardiac situation" (don't want to say Infarction yet). He had some discomfort and sweating so he did the right thing and called 911 and took an ambulance ride to the hospital at 1:00 am. Enzyme levels were...
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    Cinco de Mayo smoke - Tatuaje Red Label (aka don't drink and cut!)

    Just a quick one here - After an excellent dinner with good friends I capped off the evening with my first Tatuaje. I'm not sure with exactly vitola it was (thanks to many margaritas and more on that later) but it was unreal. Dinner was pork marinated with habanero peppers and onions with...
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    Gurkha 1887 Expedition

    Just a quick one here. I have stayed out of the whole Gurkha vs. Anti-Gurkha discussions since I had never had one before. I smoked my first ever late last night after an evening of moving crap into my new house, the 1887 Expedition in the Robusto size (thanks BillK) and I liked it a lot...
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    A tale of two CI Legend Yellow Labels

    So I have a few CI Yellow Label's (DPG). It is a beautiful night so I figured I'll light up my first one. There was a pretty noticeable difference in the color of one vs. the others so I though I'd share. It might be hard to tell due to my crappy pics. Anyone ever notice this kind of...
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    I am smoking a RP Edge Sumatra. I can only describe it as buttery. Anyone else ever get that?
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    Lito Gomez Diez Puro Small Batch No. 1

    Lito Gomez Diez Small Batch No. 1 Size: 7 x 52 Shape: Double Corona Wrapper: Dom. Rep. Filler: Dom. Rep. Binder: Dom. Rep. MSRP: $16 Place: Back Porch Drink: Dr. Pepper I was gifted this smoke by a BOTL here and I have completely forgotten who, so my apologies, but whoever you are...
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    Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sungrown Pyramid #9

    Origin: Dominican Republic Size: 6''1/4 RG: 52 Shape: Torpedo Wrapper: Ecuador Natural Sungrown Price: $4 ($7.95 buy one get one free @ local B&M) Prelight - Nice construction, good smell. Just a hint of spice on the prelight draw with a tiny bit of sweetness...
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    Don Pepin Garcia - Blue Label

    This was my first DPG (thanks again Darrell for the trade). I have to say that I heard a lot about these smokes and I had high hopes based on the hype. I was a little afraid that I would have an experience like I did with the Oliva V (tons of hype and I thought it was good, but I was expecting...