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    Pre Embargo from CI?

    It's just hype!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Were back from IRAQ

    Welcome home! :bl
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    ROTFL I am a pusher

    That was a nice Shove/Push/Trip! :r He'll thank you for it someday, when his credit card gets out of intensive care! :D
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    Kielbasy and Peachs!

    Doggone right! I'm trying that one soon. :tu
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    When was the last time you were WOWED...

    Every day I'm logged on to CS. The troop support rocks! All you crazies out there bombing each other is fun to watch too. The nice welcomes to all newbies, the banter ... hell, I just love this place! :) As far as cigars go, I've had a handful that surprised me so far with how good they...
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    Rums with Less Vanilla

    Give Pusser's Rum a try. Not only is it stored in oak barrels it's actually distilled in oak stills, not metal. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill rum and it's been known to turn the heads of died-in-the-wool scotch and bourbon diehards! Two thumbs up from me - it's my favorite! :tu :tu
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    Review - Sancho Panza Double Maduro

    I smoked a corona size Sancho Panza DM this weekend. While it didn't drastically change taste for me after 1/3 it did have a slightly different "something" about it than the Quixote size I smoked. I still really enjoyed it but I think I prefer the smaller Quixote. Have you tried that size yet?
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    My Cabinet Humi Project

    Excellent! Very nice work. Enjoy filling and using it! :)
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    The slope is getting bad....

    I just got a bill in the mail that I forgot was coming. Oh, and I got summoned for jury duty too. Trade? :D (J/K)
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    Hey, thanks for the RG! :D

    Hey, thanks for the RG! :D
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    Thoughts and Prayers for GGainey's Fam

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    I'll give you a dollar.
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    Good luck - found a nice humi for cheap!

    That's the truth! I'm truly blessed with her! :D
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    Good luck - found a nice humi for cheap!

    Beads and Taboo cigars - top of the list right now! :ss I had never heard of beads till I found CS but because of all the good things I've heard I'm definitely going to try some.
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    Closet/Humidor Transformation

    Good luck! I look forward to seeing your progress pics. :)
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    Using McDonalds as Pizza Topping

    Without a doubt. I also think that if one survived eating a pizza like that the dog's would run for the hills, the neighbors would call the cops, and the wife/significant other would kick a$$ for the resulting cloud of noxious fumes! :D
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    Good luck - found a nice humi for cheap!

    My wife and I spent some time yesterday in an antique shop downtown. She spied this humidor tucked away in a corner behind some other stuff and showed it to me. For $20, it was a steal ! :) It's in great shape with only a couple small scratches and no obvious dings or dents. The interior is...
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    Using McDonalds as Pizza Topping

    I assumed the gun was to fend off people who wanted to take his Mickey D's pizza. I'm more curious about the tape measure and candle. Well, the candle may be for ambiance but the tape measure? :confused:
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    Using McDonalds as Pizza Topping

    Oooh, a chili-cheese-Frito pizza might be nice (with salsa instead of pizza sauce - yeah!).
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    Need To Circle The Wagons for Silverfox!

    I'm sorry to hear that - I hope you all feel better soon! (And lay off the peach White Owls! :r)