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    Ever lost cigars on a vacation or trip?

    So this past weekend wife and I went to tahoe with some family. I went to the casinos which i never do. I sit down with some family and play video poker. I proceed to lose 40.00 cause I suck at gambling. Get back to the condo and find I have lost my new Csonka survivor travel humi which was a...
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    looking for cigar recomendations for a special moment

    Well this Saturday evening the 7th I will be graduating from law school. I am looking for cigar recommendations for after all the family stuff is over and everyone has gone home. I will be smoking this in my backyard by myself next to the pool with no one around as the wife and kids will be...
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    Thanks to Kiokicigars and the members here

    Well he posted on my newby thread a while back and offered to send me a little something. I took him up on the offer and got a couple of nice cigars. Both of which I had not tried and was going to try in the next month. As a result I got to save money and try a couple of good smokes. Good...
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    Amazing encounter all because of a cigar

    Well I work in law enforcement. Today I was working a special event detail for a high school track meet. I decided to start my day with a cigar (Sancho Panza). As I am walking to my assigned post I see an older gentleman standing near my post smoking a cigar. Later determined to be a Cuban...