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    Jack Daniels Open Bottle

    My parents have a bottle of Jack Daniels in their basement that has been sitting there for at least 25 years. It is half full. Is it still ok to drink?
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    Labeling Cigars

    Ok, so I got a box of CC cigars and I have some blank cigar bands. What do you all write on your bands? I presume the box code? Does anyone have pictures that they can share? Thanks!
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    Additives in Cigars?

    Do cigars have any additives in them?
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    Orange Slice in your area?

    Do the stores around you sell Orange Slice? I remember buying it back in High School but I have not seen it around here in Ohio since 2002. I loved that stuff.
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    Padron Maduro vs PAM 26

    Can you guys taste the difference between the Padron Maduro and the Padron Anniversary Maduro 1926? I can't taste any difference. They both tasted like cocoa to me.
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    Cedar Spills

    Does anyone sell cedar spills? I enjoy lighting my cigars with the cedar that they come wrapped in. I am wondering if a retailer sells the spills only. Thanks.
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    Cooledor Lining

    Ok.... It is time to get a coolidor. I have outgrown my 4 humidors. I am going to get some empty cigar boxes and break them up. I am going to stick the pieces to the inside cooler walls. What should I use to get the cedar panels to stick to the walls of the cooler? Epoxy?
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    Many Cigars Will Die This Week

    It is going to be a beautiful week in Cincinnati this week: :tu Many cigars are going to meet their death :ss
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    Rum Runner Buccaneer

    A while ago I ordered a Taboo sampler from Taboo Cigars. I decided to throw 2 Rum Runner Buccaneers in with the order b/c they were $1.99 a piece. All I want to say is DO NOT TRY THESE DARN THINGS! Holy crap, even Swishers and Phillies Blunts are better. This is the worst cigar I have ever...
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    Tobacco good for the garden?

    Is already smoked tobacco good for your garden, or is this an old wive's tale? I have been dumping my ashes in the garden b/c I heard it is supposed to be good for the soil.
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    Well that sucked.....

    I was outside on my porch trying my first Nub Connecticut 358. I smoked about an inch of it when I dropped it onto my shirt, rolled down to my pants, and landed in my dog's water dish :mad: Well, the cigar was good. I guess I will have to try the other one to get a good take on it. ROFL.
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    Cigars Turning Green At The Head?

    I am really confused. I smoked a Don Pepin Garcia Blue toro today. I cut it and everything was fine. I noticed that about halfway through the cigar, a small portion of the filler at the head turned green. I also noticed that the cigar tasted different? What happened?
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    Cohiba Churchill

    This afternoon I tried the Cohiba Red Dot Churchill that was made in the DR. I did not like it at all. I tried a shorter one a month ago and didn't like it. This didn't taste like anything. It had a slightly tight draw. I only smoked 1" of it. What do you think about the NC Cohiba's?
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    Cigars in Tubes

    How do you guys store your cigars that come in tubes? I am new so I have been taking the lid off. I figure that some humidity needs to get in there, but I am not sure how to properly do it.
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    Oliva Serie O Robusto

    I just finished this baby and I want to say that it was a 10/10. I have never nubbed a cigar before this one. It had the whitest ash I have ever seen. It was smooth and had a coffee like taste to it. I have a slight nicotine buzz right now. All I can say is the Oliva Serie O natural...
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    Rum Runner

    Are Rum Runner cigars any good? I went to a dirt track race the other night and some guy had a little cigarillo of one and it smelled pretty good.
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    Don Lino Africa

    Tonight I tried a Don Lino Africa Duma (5"x50). Mugen910 bombed me and this was one of the cigars. I freaking loved it. It had a slightly tight draw, but had great taste. I couldn't quite figure out the taste. I believe that it was like dark chocolate? What do you think it tastes like?
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    White Covering on Cigars

    What is the purpose of the white covering on cigars? Most cigars I own came in cellophane, but some came in the white tissue paper like material.
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    La Aurora 1495 Robusto

    I had a La Aurora 1495 robusto today. It was pretty good I thought. It had a great draw and produced a great amount of smoke. It was smooth, then spicy, then smooth. Do you think it is Medium-Full or Full? Cigars International says Medium-Full, but I thought it was full.
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    Box Pressed Cigars

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of box pressed cigars. For example, why would someone buy a box pressed cigar rather than a round cigar and vice versa? Thanks!