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    Ordering Tatuajes online - any advice for the best deal

    Call Eric at the party source. 866-78-cigar. No one beats his prices. Trust me
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    need help fast! im at walmartl

    I have a 75qt Rubbermaid that has a perfect seal on it.
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    "Don't worry honey, I'm just going to buy a few cigars a month..."

    You sir have started sliding down the slippery slope and there is no help in sight :tu :cb
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    Oliva Serie V Maduro

    Awesome! :tu Thanks for the update :tu
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    Tatuaje recommendations

    Tatuaje Brown Label. I prefer the Unico size.
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    What makes you want particular cigar?

    Walk the line is a great movie! :tu I usually smoke something after looking in my humi's for about 5 minutes. I usually don't have anything in particular in mind.
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    Jack Daniels Open Bottle

    I was just wondering if it would go bad and make me sick. I haven't drank much whiskey before. Only 1 Jack and Coke.
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    Were back from IRAQ

    Welcome back. Thank you for your service! :u
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    Clouds of smoke?

    I personally love big clouds of smoke. It just seems to me that the cigar is well constructed. My most recent cigar that produced a lot of smoke was the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic.
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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

    That is freaking awesome! :tu
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    Retirement cigar help

    Get some Taboo Twists or Oliva G's.
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    What should I smoke from this grab bag?

    Don Pepin Cuban Classic, then the CAO Brazilia.
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    Thank you so much for the RG bump! :) :tu

    Thank you so much for the RG bump! :) :tu
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    Eric, you have the best prices in the country. Thanks for saving me a lot of dough!

    Eric, you have the best prices in the country. Thanks for saving me a lot of dough!
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    ROTFL I am a pusher

    Nice job! :tu
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    DPG Cuban Classic

    I had another one of these yesterday morning. I abosolutely love these.
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    Anyone bby from online?

    I've never ordered from them, but they are a site sponsor here, so I would do it.
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    What was your latest booze purchase?

    I had a Jack and Coke at a wedding last night. The bartender put 2.5 shots of Jack in it and it was very strong.
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    Jack Daniels Open Bottle

    It doesn't have a cork stopper. Just the screw on cap.