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    B&M "Phasing out" Perdomo!!!

    I went to a local B&M in Vienna, VA yesterday. It was the first time I was there. I asked the rude sales guy(he seemed like I was wasting his time) if they carried the Perdomo Habano. He curtly explained that they are phasing out Perdomo because it doesn't sell. I was shocked. I am a Perdomo fan...
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    La Hara

    Brand: La Hara Cigar Name: Robusto Length: 4.5 Ring Guage: 50 Country Manufactured: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua Binder: Nicaragua Wrapper: Indonesia Color: Colorado Maduro Strength:Medium-Full Shape: Rothschild This was given to me by a friend who does not smoke cigars. I've never seen this...
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    About a year ago I went to a friends house for dinner. I noticed that he had a really nice Romeo Y Julieta Humidor. Of course it caugt my eye and I asked him about it. He told me that he liked cigars and He would like to give me a few. How could I pass that up! Well.....the humi was in rough...
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    "Go To" Quick Smoke

    Just wanted some sugeestions. I am looking for a solid 15 min quick smoke. Mostly for the morning drive. But...I'm not a fan of Conn Shade wrappers. Let me know what you like. Been willing to check out the ERDM cafe au lait or Cafe Noir. I don't want to commit to a box unless I like them. :tu...
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    Cigar Box Guitars!!

    This made me laugh. But they are for real!! :r
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    "Making room in my Humi" Giveaway

    Fellow BOTL/SOTL's I am making room in my humi for my latest cdevil purchases and I'm giving away some" lesser known" brands that I know I will not smoke. There are 3 mixed packs of 9 cigars and one 6 pack of Gispert Naturals representing all the sizes they make. In the other packs there are a...
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    Latest CDevil Score

    Came in the mail today. :dr Lot 23 Maduro RP Sun Grown Toro
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    Dillema!! What should I smoke

    I can't decide what to smoke tonight!! I need your help: Indian Tabac Cameroon Ledgend Robusto 5 Vegas Series "A" Artisan Monticristo Platinum Robusto RP Sun Grown Factory Select Help! :ss
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    Gurkha Signature 101 Maduro

    Wow!!! How dissapointing!! Completely lacked any type of flavor and the construction was awful. There was about a 1/2 inch soft spot. When I hit the soft spot, burn problems galore. Considering this is a limited cigar and a bit pricey, I would expect it to have great construction. Luckily it was...
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    The Ex-Boss

    It's always good to part on good terms. Visited my ex-boss the other day and here is what he gave me!! :tu 2 LFD Limitado II 1 Oliva Bold 1 Gurkha Symphony 1 Savinelli LIGA ESPECIAL
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    Felipe Gregorio-Felipe II

    Felipe II 5x52 Wrapper: Habana 92 Shade Grown Binder: Esteli Filler: Condega, Jalapa I got these off of C-Devil as a part of the Felipe Gregorio 20 cigar Mega Sampler. Picked it up for around $23.00 w/ shipping. Not a bad deal. This was a well-made stick. The wrapper was very smooth w/...
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    Cuban Crafters Cameroon Torp

    I bought the 12 cigar sampler from Cuban Crafters about a year ago. This puppy came w/ the sample. I can tell you right now it did not make it in good shape. It had 2 spots where the wrapper was coming off and @ the foot was a hole that a pea could fit into:mad: . For these reasons I have been...
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    How long would you wait?

    I need your help fellow BOTL/SOTL. I just got my package in the mail today from CI. 2 CAO Brazila GOL, 2 Torano Exodus 1959 and 1 Fonseca Habana Select. CI shipped them in a nice zip bag w/ a water pillow. They seem pretty fresh. My question is. Would you smoke one right away or sit them in the...