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    More Comedy

    Not the most expensive ashtray I've seen, but it's damned cool looking. I remember a few months ago some new member here put up a link for a site that sells ashtrays made of rare woods and certain metals and stuff that were in the $800 a piece range. I'm reluctant to buy an ashtray over $30...
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    Cheesecloth For Beads

    Welcome. Good question - it should I think. Liquid water can go through it, so humidified air should have no problem. Hope that helps :tu
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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    You're fine. All the studies done on the effects of cigar smoking base their minimum consumption at 2 cigars a day, and all the relevant ones have reported trivial risk to your health at that rate if you don't inhale. Your few cigars a week habit is making very little impact to your health...
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    Betsy Ross - Clear Havana

    Grassy and strong...I think they need some age before they come through :D Thanks for the review - that is just mind-blowing to smoke something like that, eh?
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    If you were to buy 1 box of cigars.... What do you suggest I buy for my 1st box?

    I haven't ever purchased a box, but my first will be something by Hoyo de Monterrey (NC). I seriously love the flavor profile of about anything they make.
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    Mild cigars tasting the same.

    Good to know I'm not alone at least, haha. I just began to notice that whenever I pulled out a cigar for the morning, thinking "I wonder what this one'll have to offer," only to smoke it and say " tastes like...Connecticut shade, just like the last one, and the one before that..." I...
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    Short cigar questions...

    I'll be the first of probably many to say Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story (EDIT: DAMN it, second!). Nice little smoke. Also consider 5 Vegas Gold Nuggets. The little Oliva Serie Gs were a good choice :tu Beware of the NUBs though - they take a lot longer to smoke than you think ;) Cigars...
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    Looking for a couple of recommendations...

    That it is! There isn't a whole lot I can add to what others have already said, but some of the smaller Acid cigars might be worth looking into. Women like them I've found. Also, some flavored cigars aren't half bad and are appealing to women - Tatiana Vanillas aren't bad at all, and the CAO...
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    R's CSD - H. Upmann Toro

    Nice review! I don't think these are too bad, but personally nothing memorable. Wait until you try a real H. Upmann, and see why JFK liked them ;)
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    Oliva Serie O storage

    Not really, but they can dry out. A cigar improperly kept will lose its oils, and then it becomes almost irrecoverable. I don't know if it's evaporation, or what, but they go somewhere.
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    Mild cigars tasting the same.

    In my experience, mild cigars wrapped in Connecticut shade tobacco all taste the same. What's up with that? From the Griffin's, to Perdomo Slow Aged, to Perdomo Champagne, to Cusano 18, to Fonseca Vintage, to 5 Vegas Gold to Carlos Torano Casa Torano, to Ashton Classic, to the NUB Connecticut...
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    There haven't been any non-Cuban cigars I've found that have stricken me as "like a Cuban." I've had spectacular non-Cubans and I've had not-so-spectacular Cubans. It's a different flavor, not a different quality. I like the flavors that both markets have to offer personally.
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    Trip to Denver! Questions about stores and cigars on the plane...

    They changed that too recently. No official business souvenirs any more either. @Opusfxd Lack of lounge? The big smoking area with leather chairs and couches, the poker table and the big-screen TV? And I've never seen mold on any of Original's products >.> But I will have to check out Havana...
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    Trip to Denver! Questions about stores and cigars on the plane...

    No kidding - you're up in Thronton. I'm in Westminster, so I'm unfamiliar with most places down south too. Do you go to Original Cigar on 88th and Sheridan? That's my favorite place.
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    HELP!!! poll: vinotemp, humidor or other??? what should i buy next?

    Nice haul! I voted Vinotemp as well; it's a great value for how much storage you get plus the temperature protection, and it looks nice sitting in the smoking room or wherever you keep it. Hope you enjoy the obsession side of smoking you've just discovered :D
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    Trip to Denver! Questions about stores and cigars on the plane...

    It doesn't matter where you're a citizen of; it's illegal to import Cuban products into the United States. But to answer the OP, just take the bands off and you'll be fine. If it so happens that you aren't fine and you're left needing something to smoke, someone already mentioned Jerri's, and...
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    quick question (DBall go away)

    I'm gonna hafta agree with that guy. I like the Jose L. Piedras - they're a hoot because of where they're from, they're pretty good to novices and smokers alike and they're cheap. Emphasis on cheap. And good.
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    Using desktop humi for a coolidor?

    Cigars International sells empty boxes - 10 for $10 I believe :tu
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    R's CS - Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature

    Nice review, it was spot-on. The Hemingway line is a great cigar; one of my favorites. It has a very light but complex taste - it's just a nice, relaxing smoke. Love these :tu
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    Why are most lighters junk

    I have a Solo dual-flame that works great. Lifetime warranty - when it goes out, I just take it to the B&M and they just give me a new one. Quality conistency seems a littly shifty though - I bought one that didn't work, took it and traded for a second one that didn't work, repeated one more...