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    Stamps up 2c Priority up 55c

    Any Mac users out there? Well, if you want to create labels first (with free DC) then add postage at the PO, use a freeware program called: SwordfishExpress Super little proggie! CD
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    Thanks To All The Gorillas

    Maarit, All the best with your new venture! I am sure you will excel at whatever you choose! Sincerely, Chris
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    Padron Anni Millenium

    As soon as Ed McMahon knocks on my door, I'm in baby! Gonna get me one of those Gurkha Black Dragon humi's too! :ss
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    OPUS X on Sale for %50 off MSRP??

    Your avatar says it all...
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    Just Picked up the new Halliburton Case

    An amazing case by itself and the customization makes it spectacular! Very, very nice! CD
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    Opus For Breakfast

    Just got a xXx gifted to me and I can't wait to smoke it. Perhaps tomorrow morning with coffee before work? Sweet! :ss CD
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    Tobacco world reviews on youtube

    Kris is always good for stirring things up a bit - and I love it! The last one he did was hilarious even with his political slant. Gotta give him credit for being real. You always know what your getting from him! CD
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    Top 5 Most complex NC smokes?

    Wow, some good cigars have been mentioned already. Here's my 2¢: Fuente Opus X xXx "Power Ranger" Ashton ESG 20 Year Salute Partagas 160 Robusto Minor Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro Corona Tatuaje Noellas Maduro (try to find them!)So many cigars, so little time... CD
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    Camacho Candela - Robusto *pics*

    Nice review! I have never had a Candela before, but I have a Fuente 8-5-8 Candela sitting in my humi... you may have just awakened the need for me to smoke it! Thanks for sharing - great pics too!:ss CD
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    Menu for my time out of town.

    Dave, an awesome setup for your trip! Hopefully you can keep some notes, interested in hearing about how you liked pretty much all of those (esp. the Anejo and the Stanford's 90th!). Have fun! :ss CD
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    Cigar Price Club ........

    Very cool, gonna bookmark that now. Thanks!
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    Virgil's Man Shack

    Wow, nice stuff! Looks like an ideal "sanctum" to enjoy your smokes in! Well done! :ss
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    Don Pepin Garcia Black Label

    Nice review! The Black Label is one of the Pepin blends that I have not yet had the pleasure to enjoy. I will definitely have to try one or two out when I can grab one. Thanks for the gently push in the right direction! :ss CD
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    Padilla Miami 8/11 Lonsdale

    I will definitely post a review!
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    La Flor Dominicana - Chisel

    Sweet, looking forward to hearing all about it! :dr
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    Even more expensive than the Cohiba Behike

    I'm gonna retrofit my Mercedes Gull Wing with one of these babies in the "boot"! Thanks for the heads-up Drifty! CD
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    Affordable "cubanesque" cigar for an American?

    I think I am more in line with what you said Moki. Imagine sampling every current Cuban cigar and then trying first to make an assessment as to qualifying the breadth of the term "Cubanesque" and what it meant to you in terms of the types of Cuban cigars. Since that term really is highly...
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    Perhaps the best smoking experience ever

    Yessiree, that's the life alright! The Anejo is a fitting tribute to your new family member. My dog Zen is a great smoking companion, especially when it gets a bit warmer! Thanks for sharing that!:ss CD
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    Need some cigar recommendations please!

    Ditto on the Camacho Maduros, they are a great smoke and inexpensive too. You may also like the Rocky Patel Edge maduro. Love them! A sleeper that I absolutely love is the La Aroma De Cuba - the Immensa is my fave. One other is the Torano Exodus 1959 Gold label - a great med-full flavored...