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    Fell off the wagon

    Back in June I did an inventory of my stash and discovered I had purchased far more cigars than I'd realized. A happy discovery, of course, but I vowed to avoid the devil's auction site. I fell off the wagon last week and visited the perfidious web page. My self-control failed me . . . . ...
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    DPG Cuban Classic

    I'm with you. On Sat night I smoked one that had been in the humidor for about 6 mos. The flavors are all there, just better balanced than when fresh. BlackIrish
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    Ramon Allones Reserve

    I like 'em a lot. Here's a review I did:
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    5 Vegas Limitada 2006

    A simple review for a simple cigar. A well-made but otherwise average medium bodied cigar. The cigar: 5 Vegas Limitada 2006 Vitola: 6.25 x 52 belicoso Origin: Dominican Wrapper: Ecuadoran Sumatra From CI: The filler blend is complex, sporting well-aged tobaccos from Brazil and...
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    Nat Sherman Metropolitan Maduro Selection Metropolitan

    The Cigar: Nat Sherman Metropolitan Selection Metropolitan Maduro Vitola: 7x50 Origin: Dominican Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Binder: Dominican Filler: Dominican The marketing: From Nat Sherman: Nat Sherman's great Metropolitan selection now has a dark side: the Metropolitan Maduro. A...
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    Nestor Reserve Maduro

    I just smoked one of these as part of a blind tasting from TedRodgersCPA. I was quite impressed -- yes, touchups were necessary, but the flavor was excellent. I'll need to look into picking some up and tossing them in the coolidor to sleep for a couple of months. BlackIrish
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    CAO Brazilia Gol!

    Love these: consistently yummy, full of sweet dark maduro goodness. Thanks for the review. BlackIrish
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    perdomo 2 LE 2008

    Thanks for the review. I like Perdomo as a rule, and I've got a 5pk of the Perdomo2 sleeping in its humi bed; I'll fire one up soon. BlackIrish
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    Middleton - Old Cuban Cigar Factory

    244 S Main St Middleton, MA 01949-2448 978-777-4129 It's on 114, north of Rt 1 and I-95.
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    Oliva Master Blend III Robusto (pics)

    :tpd: Killer pics!
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    Special Jamaican Size A - JR Cigars

    Nice review. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. BlackIrish
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    HdM Excalibur Legend Crusader

    The cigar: HdM Excalibur Legend Crusader (5.75 x 45) Wrapper: CT Havana Binder: CT Havana Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic The sell (from CI): This Hoyo brings the brass. Hoyo de Monterrey has long been one of the world’s best-known, highest quality brands. Its legion of fans...
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    Petrus Reposado 6000 torpedo

    The cigar: Petrus Reposado 6000, 6x54 torpedo Wrapper: maduro Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua Humidor time: 4 mos Picked up a 5pk on the Devil Site for under $10; not sure what to expect. What I got is an ok cigar, without much flavor. Pre-light: A 6x54 torpedo, clad in a...
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    Thanks for the rg bump!

    Thanks for the rg bump!
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    Drazzil and wayner123 Blind Tasting

    Great thread! Subscribed to it. The suspense is killing me!
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    Cozy's Blind Tasting

    Great thread!
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    CAO Cameroon robusto

    Cigar: CAO Cameroon robusto (5x50) Wrapper: Cameroon Filler: Nicaragua Binder: Nicaragua Humidor time: 3 mos Prelight: This box pressed robuto sports a beautiful colorado cameroon wrapper. Aromas of mild baking spice mixed with barnyard. Well filled, nicely rolled, and well constructed...
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    Perdomo Habano

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    gran Habano corojo #5

    Thanks for the review of one of my favorites. I like corojo, so this is a 4 for me.
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    Por Larranaga Cuban Grade

    Saw this special on CI/CBid and elsewhere and wondered about them, especially with the Por Larranaga name. Thanks for the review.