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    Anniversary cigar.

    Last night my wife and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. After a great dinner I ordered a cognac and smoked my first anejo. I can honestly say, the best cigar I have had yet. Now I understand why these are sought after so much.
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    Finally, Anejo!!

    Stopped in the B&M and he was showing me the Don Carlos and Fuente sampler boxes he had when he said,"oh, btw, got a box of anejo's in." Smiling the whole time. They are the #55. I bought 3. Put one in the box pass and two for me.:w :D Finally!! I get to see what yall have been raising a...
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    Oliva Master Blend 3

    This is a cigar I received on trade from mastershogun. Thank you! This had been in my box for a while so I decided the dog needed to go out and play so I took this along. Cut was a little off, my cutter going to pot. Ignition was from wooden matches. I was hit fast with lots of spice. Almost...
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    Gurkha Warlord

    While I was at my B&M he finally got a box of these in. Now I'm a little confused here. The band says Gurkha Legend but the box said Warlord. I have found VERY little reference to the Warlords. Not even on there site. The box was a heavily embossed with brass. Looked like an old chest or trunk...
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    Ok, I stopped by the "other" B&M today and he said he had some in. The only reason I say other is because the only time I buy from him is when I want an OpusX. Now I have looked and searched here and can't find this answer. He said they're anejo's but the box says Canones only. Are they one in...
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    Wife starting to turn? Hmmm...

    We stopped at the B&M yesterday, I went in to get some smokes and she grabbed some lotto tickets. After we got in the truck she asked if I was going to lite it up and I said no, I'll hold off till a little later. So SHE asked if she could lite it! Wellllll..alllrighty then. She didn't do too...
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    I was at my B&M today and he got two boxes of these in. MSRP was $15 and I paid $12 for it. I've seen some mixed reviews but I just couldn't pass on such a unique looking smoke. :D
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    5 Vegas Gold

    I recieved two of these from mastershogun on trade and decided to have one yesterday while watching my son at the skate park. The wrapper was a beautiful light golden brown, and what I'm calling a good earthy smell to it. Clipped nice and smooth. Prelight draw was open and non restrictive. Lite...
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    Fuente Short Story.

    This is my first review so let's see what happens. I wanted to try these and oilman gave me a tip on where to find them close by.(Thank you) The feel was nice, pressed it a little and it sprang right back. I did find on light-up, just one side decided to burn. I let it go out and lite the other...
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    I have read the reviews and some of you can really break down the different flavors of a cigar. Nutty, creamy, and so on. My question is, how in the world do you determine what a cigar taste like? I know if one is smooth or harsh but that's about it. Is there a trick to learning this? I know the...