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    Le Flor Dominincana Double Legero Chisel

    Very true! First time I had one it knocked me on my butt! However, still enjoy one every now and then.:ss
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    A. Fuente Chateau Fuente Sun Grown

    Nicely done review!
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    CASA Fuente Cigar Pics

    Re: CASA Fuente Porn Those look great!:dr
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    Some "bored-on-a-cold-Sunday" pics

    Re: Some "bored-on-a-cold-Sunday" porn Couple of great smokes.:ss
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    Going to Louisville/Fort Knox IDEAS??

    Too bad I live at the other end of the state. Lots of things to see up there as mentioned.You'll have a great time.
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    LGC Glorias Extra Maduro - Often Overlooked

    Great smoke and not a lot of money. Thanks for the review.
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    A little pics for the club

    Re: A little porn for the club Porn is good.:ss
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    Tulsa Ashton Event

    Oh wow!! Great looking lineup! Those little Criollos are very tasty! ca21455 sent me one and I loved it!:ss
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    I just couldn’t resist (Pics)

    Re: I just couldn’t resist (Porn) Good looking sticks there!
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    Devil Site Pics...

    Re: Devil Site Porn... Nice pickup! Pics are great!
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    My cabinet humidor project

    Very nice!
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    Favorite Fuentes

    anejo top the list along with s.s, 8-5-8 maduro, oh good grief, I like 'em all!:ss
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    lining the coolidor

    What I thought. Mine's not lined cuz it's full of boxes.
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    Arturo Fuente Reserva #55 (Anejo)

    Great and in depth review. Those only get better with age.:ss
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    RyJ Reserve Real Robusto

    I really like those as well.:D