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    Mixing beads...

    If I were to mix and equal amount of 65 RH beads and 70 RH beads will I achieve a humidity level of 67.5% ?
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    Hydra vs. Oasis XL

    Does anyone have an opinion as to which product is better?
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    Cooler....Can't do.

    Please..somone please tell me why on earth anyone would want to store their sticks in an unsightly cooler? There has to be a better option than to store large collections in a plastic cooler. Am I missing something? :confused:
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    Temperature and Humidity

    If you could have your humi at a set temperature & humidity (with no fluctuation whatsoever) for the rest of your life and never be able to change it, what would your numbers be & why? Mine 70 deg and 68%. To me 70 is optimal and 68 is right between 65-70.
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    Shirt Woot....

    I know this probably doesn't belong here but this is a great cheap shirt for all us BOTL's.... Please forgive me.
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    Need a short smoke recommendation...

    I need some recommendations on a nice smooth short smoke. I have yet to come across any good ones; the few I have had in the past either burn too hot, are bitter or the draw is horrible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Nub of the Night...

    Here is mine....What's left of a Nestor Vinatge 454 Maduro. Excellent smoke. :tu
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    I read about "beads" on this board but have never used them until the other day. I am sure someone on here can tell me the proper way to use them. I wet them as the instructions said to, filled the bag, and put them in my humi. I checked on it yesterday and the beads were dry, humi at about...