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    Colors Poll

    Admittedly, I suck at design and color combo's etc. What are you r thoughts on the brown color format? How readable, easy on the eyes, etc.
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    If you are are likely lost or reminiscing.

    You found archive of a cigar forum that went away 10 years ago! You are probably asking yourself why it is even here? Well: 1. Thought it would be cool to see if the old forum archive could be uploaded and migrated into a modern internet forum package, Xenforo. can. 2...
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    Where did you go Bruce?

    OK, prize for Bruce. This is the old ClubStogie, caught in time the day it moved to Puff. I hope to someday re-launch, but for now it's just a place to reminisce
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    First Post

    I win, I win! First post. OK, pretty easy as I am the only one that knows this is here, but...FIRST POST!
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    What did you smoke during the CS outage?

    I think it is! When i was doing the security upgrade, I decided it would be a good time to re-index the database as well. Well....when you have almost a 1gb database, that takes a bit longer than i thought! Lesson learned. :D
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    Che Cigar

    Igor, thanks for handling this like you did. It is appreciated. Sometimes folks emotions can even creep over the internet. :)
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    What Does That Mean?

    Thanks to user Volt for taking the "What does that mean" thread and putting all the acronyms in one place. Thanks Volt! Cigar Terms B&M = Brick and Mortar – physical store to purchase tobacco in BOMB = unsolicited gift (short answer) BOTL = Brother of the Leaf CA = Cigar Aficionado Cab =...
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    Any interest in a booze PIF/MAW/Trade list?

    Unfortunately there are laws in many states that prohibit interstate transporation of alcohol. Since the action of the pass would break the laws in some states, I'd appreciate if you guys don't have a pass with alcohol involved.
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    My Stogies No Longer

    Now that's funny! :ss
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    Help Please

    Bill - Mosey on over to Tobacco Grove in Maple Grove. They can help you learn a lot real fast, and they have a huge humidor. I see your from Minnesota, so I am assuming a bit with a Twin Cities location. [/SIZE][/FONT]
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    My Stogies No Longer

    I agree it is wrong to accuse the thread starter of anything. My statements all along in this thread have been that there is nothing wrong with being suspicious...or cautious as Poker put it. Many of us have seen this numerous times. In my experience running the site it has happened at least...
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    My Stogies No Longer

    I guess I have to join some of the elder gorillas in being finger pointing members of a classless place. Your accusing us of being judgmental and then what are you doing with your comments? Judging the whole place based on the comments of a few in one thread? Your calling the "place" without...
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    My Stogies No Longer

    Thanks for clearing it up, that's all people were asking. Surely you can understand, as unfortunately many users generosity has been taken advantage of on numerous occasions. I'm sure you will find many good cigars in your future, and I would suggest keeping your treasured possessions locked...
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    My Stogies No Longer

    Yeah, it's a pretty tough place we have here. Bunch of guys running around calling folks con men. Let's do the math: Guy posts his story, and gets primarily two types of responses. Type one is offering advice about getting the authorities involved...some of this advice is from the...
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    My Stogies No Longer

    I guess you can call it judging, but unfortunately we have been burned here before. If we are honest, you can't say that a user who has been around awhile and their first posts are about this type of theft should not bring some sort of suspicion? Call it judging, call is suspicious, or call it...
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    Just watch the humidity the first few times you use it. Since most are airtight, they have a tendency to over humidify if you are not careful. Moldy cigars are a bummer. :)
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    Nub me Tender

    I took the plunge and ordered a fiver of each wrapper in the 3x58 size. The Connecticut was the best of the group. Surprising to me as I usually like fuller bodied cigars. The construction was nothing short of amazing. On par with some of the better Diamond Crown's I have smoked. (Right or...
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    Pic of BOTL's enjoying a Nub......

    O get a kick out of the whole "Nub" thing and how they seem to be using forums as marketing tools. There seems to be a lot of activity on CS just to "push" nub cigars. They are either really good, or some people have some agendas out there. I'll find out next week when my sampler of 5 of each...
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    NUB Connecticut 464

    I am looking forward to trying them. I have some skepticism, but am hoping to keep an open mind. Drove by a B&M today and decided to stop in and check if they had them. Didn't yet, only marketing material.