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    Were back from IRAQ

    Welcome home!!! Thanks for your service.
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    Working from home

    You and me the morning after having had too much fun in my office.:r
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    Working from home

    :r My office window. As witnessed by you, blah, blah:r
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    Working from home

    Whenever I am not traveling, which has slowed down quite a bit, I always work from home with my laptop, wireless, in my patio, in South Florida (hint: December/January, yup, same place), with a cigar in hand and a tv on the wall to keep me company. It is a rough life but I have gotten use to it.:D
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    I know everyone here....

    Biatch!!! :r Cigars on the floor? Someone should call the authorities on you. Isn't that abuse?:D
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    What cigars???:r :r:r:r Pissed in my pants.
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    I hear they are "cousins".:r
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    Forgot to add you guys to the list.:D
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    Wow!!! Interesting. Pepin all the way!!!:r Duhman, How can you not like this guy?:r He is as Cuban as they come. Not sure if he still has the three ring cap after this photo.
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    Sort of like asking what apple best bakes an apple pie like a McIntosh. There are many apples. They are all good. They all vary in taste. Some may come close. However, only one McIntosh. Pepin is probably the one coming closest to a Cuban cigar today. He rolls and blends them in that tradition...
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    El Triunfador Lancero

    Mikey (made in dade) had one of these at the TW event this weekend. Looked like a good smoke.
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    My trip to Miami's "Little Havana"

    Great shots. You didn't visit Ernesto Carillo next door to Pepin? Willy is a great guy. Just remembered thanks to this picture of yours that I have to respond to an email from him.
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    Interesting ebay item

    Boy I sure hope they don't drop like soda cans from the top of that thing.:D
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    aging? really?

    To add to your point, I recently had an Opus X given to me by a friend that has smoked them as his go to for quite a while now. The last one I had with him nearly knocked me on my butt. This one had about 2 yrs on it and I truly enjoyed it. I never really like the Opus X before that. I have to...
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    Castro ?

    Actually, the count of how many he screwed is in the millions.:D I would agree the image looks more like Hemingway.
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    Does anyone not like Padron?

    Funny thing is I was just messing with my Aristocrat humidor with Padron specifically in mind. I couldn't find a Padron Anni. I searched and searched. Not because I don't like them. Just because if I have one, it goes first. Always! Invariably! I love it when folks say they don't rave over...
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    Removing Cigar Breath Smell

    No easy answer I know of. When I am done, I usually brush and use Listerine (after I have enjoyed the tasted for a while first). What also helps is a shower and change of clothes. It is not just your mouth that smells like a cigar. It is all over your clothing, body and hair.
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    PLEASE READ - Your RG Tool Is Inaccurate

    They don't want any freaking money? I say screw them. Let's bomb the crap out of them then.:r Seriously, Thanks guys for the extra work involved. Me having to pay for additional shipping is not a big deal. I think all will be OK with that but will only speak for me.
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    Serious Cigars and Hurricane Ike

    Tony, Hope all are OK in the area. I called James and was going to call you and got tied up. Sorry to hear about the shop getting hit.