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    What was your latest booze purchase?

    I think this would be a fun thread to see what kind of beer, spirits, etc that people are buying. I just got back from BevMO and picked up the following: Big bottle of Arrogant Bastard 2x Big bottle of Stone 12yr Anni Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 4 pack of Dog Fish Head Punkin Ale A bottle...
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    Stone 12yr anniversary bitter chocolate oatmeal stout

    1st let me say, damn this is the best chocolate stout I've ever had. It is like drinking bakers chocolate with hops, the finish is long and bitter like a chocolate bar, it's creamy, smooth, and sweet. Everything about this beer is phenomenal. :dr
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    Surgery time, yikes!

    Brent and I have talked about my frustration with the Military Medical system. Well I finally saw a new Doc today and he's scheduling me for surgery. I have a jacked up right knee and apparently they are going to go in and shave under my patella (knee cap) and then do a patella relocation...
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    EO #21

    This is a new value blend mild cigar from United Tobacco aka EO aka 601. It is comprised of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Panamanian tobacco. All long filler. It starts out spicy like a 601 black, goes to a smooth mild smoke with tons of smoke and ends very nice as well. A toro costs about $3.50...
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    A nice pre birthday smoke gone wrong!

    Ugh. :mad: Life has been pretty hectic lately and I decided today after I got off from working at the shop that I wanted to relax and wind down and have a nice pre birthday smoke (my birthday is not technically until 8/29) so I decided to pour myself a few fingers of Ron Anejo Pompero...
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    Recommend me a few good morning smokes

    I am looking for a few good morning smokes to enjoy on my vacation this week. I'd like something mild and smooth with lots of flavor, but no spice or ligero. :r Thanks in advance for your inputs.
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    Drive it like you stole it?

    Is exactly what this 19 yr old kid was doing when he hit my Mom's new Liberty in his rental Cobalt and totaled her car. She just got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago and had to be flown out via Helo. She was OK, just banged up - but given her recent medical problems - they did not want to...
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    I've been outbid!

    I just got this e-mail from, I'm in SHOCK! :D Which one of you outbid me? :r:bn
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    La Riqueza Belicoso by Pete Johnson

    I picked up a handful of these, 2 Robustos, 2 PC's, and a Belicoso. A nice band, I'd say. Simplistic, yet aesthetically pleasing. Prelight draw: Not a lot here, a faint taste of spice, nice draw - not a ton of flavors though. 1/3: Both sweet and strong tobacco, faint spice. Burn is...
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    Using a rub

    I received a nice rub from those scoundrels the CFRH, I was wondering if I rub it on steak do I then refrigerate it, or do I just slap it on the grill? Also, how much do I use? Do I coat the whole steak? Thanks!
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    If you can keep my Mom in your thoughts, I'd appreciate it.

    My Mom's lupus is acting up again and so is her stomach, she cannot eat much without it swelling and hurting a lot. She is back in the hospital on a feeding tube for nutrition, we are hoping she will be home next week, been talking to her on and off all day, going to see her on Sunday. I'm not...
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    Menlo Park - Knickerbockers Cigars

    Knickerbockers cigars is located at 555 Santa Cruz Ave in Menlo Park, CA. It is owned by Bill Davis, the owner of West Coast Cigars in San Jose, CA. Knickerbockers offers a wide variety of great cigars, pipes, cigarettes, and accessories. It's open until 10pm Mon-Thur and until Midnight Fri...
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    Trader Vic's

    I had the best rib eye I've ever tasted at Trader Vic's last night. You could cut the meat with a fork. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned and just wonderful. Danielle had the duck with moo-shoo pancakes and plum sauce. They brought her a whole duck and even took it off the bones for her...
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    Lagavulin Scotch 16 Year

    I bought a bottle today off a recommendation from a stranger at BevMO. He told me I won't find a better scotch for less than $120. He was right. This is by far the best scotch I've had. It's rich and smoky with a hint of sweetness and floral tastes and smell. I will keep this for occasions...
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    Mai Tai

    Another great recipe courtesy of my mentor of cocktails Trader Peg.
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    Zombie anyone?

    Zombie (1950 – from a self-published book by a good friend of Don’s the beachcomber (the man who created the Zombie) who solicited recipes from his celebrity pals – Don signed this recipe as his own) 1 ounce freshly-squeezed lime juice 1 ounce freshly-squeezed lemon juice 1 ounce unsweetened...
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    VinoTemp Humidity Issue

    Long story short we got hit with a heat wave this weekend (85+) and I decided to go in and plug my drain hole on the Vino. I used silicon/caulking from my glue gun and then covered the silicon with tape tightly. I checked all my fans to make sure they were up 2 par. I have 1.5 lbs of wet...
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    Craftsmans Bench - Executive Series Kensington

    I picked this humidor up at BevMo on sale for $20. I figured WTF, right? Well I get it home and it's a beautiful piece, the only issue is, I don't know if it's lined with Spanish cedar. Here is all the info I have on it and I have found it all over the net with the same info but selling for...
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    Davidoff Millenium Blend - Petite Corona

    I picked up a couple of these today, they're my 1st Davidoff's I smoked (I have a few I bought, but have not smoked). Tonight I decided to put the fire too one and my thoughts were the prelight draw was very sweet, like carmel and honey. The rest of the smoke was sweet and cedary with a hint...
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    Oliva V Figurado

    I'm not giving you a lengthy review, I'm simply saying this is an AMAZING smoke. If you love the V, you will love this. AMAZING!!!!