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    If you can keep my Mom in your thoughts, I'd appreciate it.

    Thoughts and prayers for your mom Bro!
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    Life comes at you fast!

    Good to hear that you're home Bro!
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    Life comes at you fast!

    Glad to hear that Bro! More prayers for you.:tu
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    Romeo Y Julieta EL

    Interesting review. What kind of EL is that, petit piramides? Sorry, I thought it's a Habano review...
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    Evolving or Devolving?

    Ummm, links please... Very nice post!
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    Life comes at you fast!

    You will be in our prayers.
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    ***How long till bloom forms***

    Hope this might help.
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    My father and the 2:30 a.m. call

    Very happy for you and your family Bro!:tu:ss
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    I nubbed a nub today!

    I haven't tried it yet Dale also:r Where in the same boat here Bro! But it's like a a Piramides cut into half.
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    My father and the 2:30 a.m. call

    What a great news Bro! Prayer sent for His quick recovery.:tu
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    My father and the 2:30 a.m. call

    My thoughts and Prayers with you and your father Bro!
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    jjefrey builds his 1000th home!

    Congrats to you Bro!:tu:ss
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    Amazing encounter all because of a cigar

    Very nice story, thanks! So where in Bay Area you from?
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    Can your humi temp be too low??

    although cooler storage temperatures are definitely not a problem for cigars (as long as you maintain a reasonable relative humidity). Why do we attempt to keep them at 70 deg. then? The key is in the subtle difference between stable storage and true aging. Your cigars will not age, mature...
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    Avo lovers

    I haven't tried any Avo yet but with all the good reviews lately, i think I might stop by to my B&M and try it. Thanks!
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    Beetle Question

    Worms are an unfortunate part of the tobacco world. They are more common than most smokers think. (shudder...) They are sensitive to temperature, and may start hatching when the temp is held over 75-80 degrees. Tobacco worms eat tobacco leaves rather voratiously. Even though cigar makers...
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    Prayers needed for my son

    Prayers sent!
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    Passed in her sleep at the age of 101

    My prayers for you and your family.
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    beetle or a knife?

    I don't think so, I think you're safe Bro!:tu
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    Still kicking

    Good to see you again!