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    50 States Pass plea for help

    Sign Duck and I up and Okie-homa is covered! :D
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    Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

    RP V's are good, solid smokes. I also prefer the 92, but will smoke either with joy! :D
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    Picked up some new sticks

    Nice little grab bag of goodies!
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    I want an A$$ Kicker

    Everyone has pretty much covered the tried and true! For some complex flavor, the La Flor Dominicana Coronado double toro is a real treat!
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    Carlos Toraño-Virtuoso

    Nice review! Keep em coming! The Virtuoso is one of me and Duck's fav's! Smoke em up!
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    Casa torano: which do you prefer?

    They both great sticks! The maddie has it's own time and place, but the natty can be smoked damn near ANY time of the day. :D
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    Let's hook up and herf it up bro! I'm all for it!

    Let's hook up and herf it up bro! I'm all for it!
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    The slope claims another....

    Lookin good!
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    The Trilogy corojo gets my seal of approval! A damn fine smoke!
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    La Flor Dominicana Ligero

    Nice review - can't pass up a nice LFDD!
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    Peter said it: the stinky is the one.
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    Camacho Corojo 08/22...WOW.

    Nice review! Sorry to hear about the draw. I'm on my 6th box and I've always liked the easy draw on the Camachos.
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    Hate to see you go, but understand the decision.
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    rocky patel 1990 vintage seconds

    I haven't had the vintage seconds, but I can vouch for the Sungrown Seconds - damn good smokes!!
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    Video featured on

    Thanks for all the positive comments everyone! Love me some Corojo's from Camacho! :D
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    Video featured on

    Got some sweet swag for my efforts! Here's the booty: :D
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    Video featured on

    Director of marketing for Camacho says the loot is on its way! Can't wait to see what they're sending me! :D
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    Carlos Torano Silver Exodus '59

    I liked em. This is what I thought about the Silver Exodus: :D
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    Whats your favorite new discovery cigar of 08?

    Camacho corojo 10th anniversary. yum!