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    Cigar tube idea (with pics)

    Anyone ever seen what a 2 liter soda bottle looks like before it's formed into shape? They look like this: I ended up with a handful of these and had an idea... Sure enough, a Robusto fits exactly into it. This particular tube had the cap screwed on, removed, put back on, etc. When you...
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    I dropped my humi...

    Yes, you read that right. I keep my humi on a shelf in my closet to keep my little boy out of it. This means I can't lift the lid without pulling it out because there's another shelf right above it. It's about a 100-count size, and I can barely grip it in one hand, which is what I was doing as...
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    Pic of how I know it's going to be a good day at work

    Because I'm working from home today, in the backyard, sunny and 70 degrees, got a Taboo Twist and a double Americano. Ain't nuthin' from the rat-race gonna get me down today! :tu
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    420 quart cooler at Cabela's - anyone crazy enough to use as a coolerdor?

    I just got the new Cabela's catalog and they have the "Cabela's Outfitter Grizzly Cooler - 420-Qt." Anyone ever think about using one of these as a coolerdor? By my calculations that should "only" take about 5 pounds of beads, and hold a LOT of cigars! :ss -Pete
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    I think I was just Cohibo'd

    Someone who I know, but not well, gave me a stick upon discovering I smoke cigars. The bad reads Habana Cuba - Premiere Selection. I tried Google and came up with nothing. He gave it to me with the ol' wink & nod, and right then I figured I'd been Cohibo'd. Against my better judgment, I fired...
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    Is wood needed inside a tupperdor?

    I tried a couple searches, and I see it's highly recommended that a coolerdor/tupperador have some Spanish cedar inside. But is it needed? I'm using a plastic box (Pelican case) that has a little foam inside, RH control, but no wood. It's a smaller box so if I added some wood it would only be...
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    Recommend me some cigars based on my likes/dislikes - Noob wants advice

    I'm hoping you Gorillas can point me toward some new sticks to try based on my likes/dislikes. I am not refined enough to pick out the different flavors I like, but I do have some opinions so far: Hoyo de Monterey Excalibur - one of my favorites so far, both the regular and 1066. Coronado by La...
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    Lost my lunchtime smoking spot

    Since I'm still pretty new to the leaf, it's been only the past two weeks that I've had a lunchtime cigar, maybe two or three times a week.I'd been walking down to a 20 acre grass field type park that's outlined with a paved path and the occasional bench here and there. I've always entered and...
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    Just bought my dad a couple sticks for Fathers Day

    An Ashton ESG and a Partagas 160. I think he's gonna like them. -Pete
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    recommend a two-stick case up to 60 ga?

    Can you recommend a two-stick case that will take up to a 60ga? I'd prefer the type with two metal tubes that have screw caps, but I'd settle for any two-stick case. Price is more important than looks. Thanks in advance, Pete
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    Premature extinguish, and a nice stick to make up for it

    With some good advice from the Gorillas, I recently fessed up to my wife that I want cigars to be the regular thing rather than the rare exception. With that, last night she had no problem when I said, "I'm going over to a buddies house to have a cigar". I get to his house, hand him an Oliva G...
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    In Denial or Incognito?

    First off I’d like to apologize for my lack of participation since joining The Jungle. I know that the first 642 questions I’ll have can be answered with three simple words – “search the forum”. So as a n00b, I am spending all my time reading/searching and not actively participating. Here's my...