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    How do you drink your Zaya?

    NOT with Darrell :tu
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    gran Habano corojo #5

    Just got back from my weekend event where I took a bundle of these to share... 1. Back when I first got the bundle I smoked two. Both got funky down at the last 1/3 or so. 2. The rest of the bundle sat in my humi for the month or so leading up to last weekend. 3. After some rest, these cigars...
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    If you were to buy 1 box of cigars.... What do you suggest I buy for my 1st box?

    1492's :bn I'm another vote for 5'ers, samplers, etc. If I had to pick a box, Padron 2000 maduros. I'd enjoy about half of 'em, my friends & dad would enjoy the other half.
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    CI free shipping code?

    When it says "limit one per customer" on the free shipping code, does that mean you can only use it one time? I'm sure someone here has tried it more than once...
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    Guilty pleasure of and evolving Newbie

    I've never tried a flavored cigar and I've been wanting to try one. If I can pretend to gain any insight to the flavor based on the names, I think I'll start with a Java. Any recommendations for a flavored stick that isn't fruity? Maybe something instead that's chocolate, coffee, or another...
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    Cigar Pictures 101

    A full studio for our cigar shots would be ridiculous - I totally agree with you. But the statement that natural light is 100x better for photography is all I was talking about. But yeah, I see what you're saying - in the context of getting some good stogie shots with the digicam, going outside...
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    Cigar Pictures 101

    Good info, but this is the only part I'd disagree with. Pick up any fashion magazine and you'll see mostly studio shots with artificial light. I suppose more accurate would be to say that average household incandescent bulbs that run around 2900K won't convert well to the typical point-n-shoot...
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    When I read this, I was reminded of the brainfart I had on-or-around-about my third or fourth Cuban cigar... "Oh! THAT is what all these NC cigars are trying to taste like!" But to answer your question, despite my rookie-ish pallet, I'd say Cabiguan.
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    How you spend your time

    absolutely. I maybe get time for two cigars a week, so I spend more time reading about them than smoking them.
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    Tell me what you know about Don Pepin

    Tasted outstanding, but completely put me on my ass. STRONG nic content.
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    Cigar tube idea (with pics)

    Anyone ever seen what a 2 liter soda bottle looks like before it's formed into shape? They look like this: I ended up with a handful of these and had an idea... Sure enough, a Robusto fits exactly into it. This particular tube had the cap screwed on, removed, put back on, etc. When you...
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    Does anyone not like Padron?

    I've often wondered the same thing. For what it's worth I've liked every Padron I've had. But my opinion shouldn't rank very high because I like some Gurkhas and dislike some DPG's, so I'm not the trendy cigar smoker :r :bn
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    1st Annual Club Stogie Nude Herf

    :r :r :r :r :r what if it's more like a Nub 460 Connecticut??? I guess just be glad it's not a Chisel, eh?
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    The REAL Dog Rocket?

    D hooked me up. I've said it 'afore and I'll say it again - Cremosa tastes EXACTLY like lighting the filter-end of a cigarette and taking a good drag off it. Yum...
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    gran Habano corojo #5

    I've got a 20-bundle of these (minus 4 that I've smoked/gifted) that I'm taking to a weekend event to share with some friends that are occasional cigar smokers. I really enjoy this cigar for the money until it gets down to the last 1/4 or so. Then it turns to :BS but no foul pitching it at this...
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    Removing Cigar Breath Smell

    My wife doesn't like the smell. I find that most of the stink isn't on my breath, but everywhere else. The standard routine before bed is: Wash hands VERY WELL, brush teeth, Listerine, change clothes (at least shirt), then my secret last step... I have a bottle of spray enzyme odor killer stuff...
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    Favorite place to enjoy a smoke?

    :tpd: I fish mostly from shore but still agree. I generally throw lures for bass till my back/feet/something gets tired... Then I'll set up some bait on a "heave it and leave it" rig, stick the rod in a holder, and fire up a cigar. Same applies for surf fishing, but then it would be for perch...
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    I dropped my humi...

    :r:r:r:r:r:r I am looking at coolers online RIGHT NOW.
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    I dropped my humi...

    Yes, you read that right. I keep my humi on a shelf in my closet to keep my little boy out of it. This means I can't lift the lid without pulling it out because there's another shelf right above it. It's about a 100-count size, and I can barely grip it in one hand, which is what I was doing as...
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    Do you smoke in your car?

    I do not smoke in my car. Yesterday I rode out to a lake for some fishing with my dad in HIS car and he smoked (a cigar I gave him) the whole way. The weather and his level of crotchityness at the moment dictated only a slight crack in the sunroof. I coughed the whole way. I like cigars, but...