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    Padilla 6X54 Belicoso Obsidian

    I recently picked up 20 of these smokes on Cbid and although the band on this cigar may be labeled 2006 Limitado, I suspect these bands were left over from the "first limitado" run a couple of years ago. The story I heard was that a 2nd 'run' was recently produced and was sold only to Cigars...
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    Fonseca Seleccion #1 7X50 Dou. Corona

    There are very few smokes out there that most smokers would ever be willing to say they are worth the MSRP. This one is about as close to that mark as I've found to date. Probably not a good a choice for those preferring full flavor sticks, but for those who like there smokes on the milder...
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    Partagas Spanish Rosado San Augustin

    A truly excellent cigar. Nuf said.:2 F. Prefect
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    Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro

    I may end up revising this a bit after giving the balance of the cigars 3 or 4 months in the humi. But as of now, as is the case with most Rocky Patels, the construction and appearance were impecable as was the burn, but I found myself being a little disappointed in the lack of flavor...
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    Cinco Vegas Gold 7 1/2X54 #1

    A very large, very mild, very well constructed cigar from 5 Vegas. Did I mention it was very large? Seriously, this cigar is what I've come to expect from 5 Vegas. Quality at a very reasonable price. I've only smoked 3 of these, but I can't really find any glaring faults or deficiencies...
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    I just received an email from our friends on the slope offering a cigar by the name of Cuba Libra which with that name made me more than a little suspicious right off the bat. Anyone had any experience with these sticks? I don't mind buying a box of cheap cigars sight unseen if I have some...
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    Victor Sinclair 7X50 Churchill review

    When C-bid began offering a substantial line of Victor Sinclair cigars and since it was a smoke I had never tried, I picked up a couple of 7X50 Churchill 5 packs at a fairly reasonable price. I usually let just arrived, 'fresh' cigars spend a week or so in the humidor before firing one up, but...
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    San Cristobals on C-bid?

    Just curious, but has anyone noticed any of the relatively new San Cristobals showing up on the slope? CI stocks 'em, I'm just tryin' to pick up a few at half price, or less. Greed is a terrible thing. Sometimes.:ss F. Prefect
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    Anyone Heard of These Beauties

    I just noticed CI has put up for auction several boxes of a smoke I have yet to ever run across. Esteban Carrera by Rocky Patel. 5X50 Robusto Maduros. Anyone familiar with good old Esteban?:confused: It doesn't even show up in the Cigar Review Database. I gotta stay the heck away from that...
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    5 1/2X46 Felipe Dominicana Especiales C

    I bought a box of these on C-Bid and became a bit leary when what was being sold as Felipe Gregorio Dominicana Especiales C, where in fact labeled Felipe Dominicana, although they did have the Gregorio name on the label. In other words, I'm not sure what the heck I bought:confused: But they...
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    6 1/2X44 Vega Telaga Blanco Belicoso

    This is the 4th "blend" in the Vega Talanga Tercio Corojo series I've tried, and for a manufacturer who normally specializes in large ring size sticks, I found the dimension of the Belicoso to be a bit unusual, but I try never to let size get in the way. Although, like the other 3 varieties, I...
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    Indian Tobacco Tomahawk??

    I ran a search but only came up with 1 post regarding The Indian Tobacco Tomahawk. CI's running a sale on boxes and the only other experience I've had with the Indian Tobacco line was with the 6X50 Candela Toro which from a taste standpoint was quite good considering the price, but the burn...
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    5X50 5 Vegas Classic Robusto

    I usually don't like to review a cigar after smoking only 3, so I may upgrade this puppy at a later date. I've been smoking the Coronas and Double Coronas in the 5 Vegas Classic for 2 or 3 months, and they're both have made their way into my regular rotation. Between the two, I've found very...
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    Gurkha Regent Torpedo

    I thought was gettin' a heck of buy when I purchased a mazo of 10 of these smokes at an auction, but what I didn't realize at the time was that I should have bought more. These cigars are well construction, have a near perfect burn, and are actually just fun to look at. Seriously, this is only...
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    Centenario Classic B 6X55 Toro

    I normally stay away from ring sizes larger than 52, but I picked up 10 of these at an auction and am darn glad I made an exception in this case. This mazo of 10 had been in the humidor for a couple of months when I fired one up this AM. Many days I won't have a cigar in the morning, but I...
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    Tierra del Sol by Perdomo 6x50 Robusto Mad

    After having tried the Torpedo and Corona in this Tierra del Sol series, both in natural and maduro and finding them to at least have some merit, I found the Robusto to be a pretty poor excuse for a cigar. Pretty to look at, well constructed, very consistant burn, and a nice draw, it would have...
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    Slow-Aged 7X52 Churchill by Perdomo

    I've had the opportunity to try both the natural and maduro varieties and found both to be excellent values. The primary difference being the maduro produced more flavor with little or no aging. But after only 7 or 8 weeks in the humidor, the natural had improved markedly with flavors of...
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    Devil Site Strategy

    Most users of may have already discovered this, but if not, I found it interesting. Since the few high dollar sticks I buy are used as humidor decor, most of my everyday cigars are in the 1.25-3.00 range, or used to be until I discovered the DS. Most cigars in the 1.00 to 3.00...
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    Oliveros Classic Churchill 7x50

    The appearance of the cigar was quite good with the dark brown Cameroon wrapper feeling slightly toothy to the touch. I thought at first it was my imagination, but this very large stick felt physically light in weight and combined with an extremely light draw, short ash, and perfectly even burn...
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    Vega Talaga 'Corojo' Series Rojo Blend

    In 2003 Vega Talanga added the 'Corojo'(If someone has modern defintion for corojo, let me know) line with 4 different blends that were all made up of Hond. and Nic tobaccos. The Rojo line has a red band, and the Oscuro line has a black band, both use sun grown wrappers from Honduras. The Azul...