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    Hi, my name is...

    Munkey. It's been 117 days since I looked at C-Bid. I've never bought at C-bid, but I hit rock bottom just discovering the site existed. I had a lovely Fiancé who accepted me for who I was. I had a good job. Clean clothes. The dog would be seen in public with me. As you can see, I haven't...
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    Downsizing my humi

    I realize this is pretty much the opposite of what we do here, but I will clarify by saying I have a 150 ct. glass top humi which I like, but I can't find a place to put it where I can regulate the temp in my condo. So... I want to get a really nice good quality humi that holds about 25 cigars...
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    Leaving sticks in 5 finger bags

    How many of you leave sticks in 5 finger bags for long periods of time (other than Klugs - lol)? I'm curious because I have a growing collection of them in my cooler. I unzip the tops and let the breath, but I don't want to ruin the sticks if leaving them in a bag is going to harm them. Thoughts?
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    Cabaiguan Guapos

    Origin: Nicaragua Length: 5 5/8 Ring Gauge: 54 Wrapper: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua Torched this lovely stick 8 days after arrival. Clipped a good part of this triple capped head (verging on too much). The pre-light draw almost kept me from lighting this cigar. So good. Toasted the foot and...
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    Snapware Tupperdor

    From the beginning of my recent cigar craze, I've gone through a multitude of cigar holding devices. I thought I'd write a review of one of my favorites. Snapware Cost: $7.99 Size: 18.5 Cups Holds: about 40 cigars (regular size) Pros: Clear so you can see your cigars, and hygrometer. Holds...
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    Post cigar headache?

    The morning after I have a cigar, I have wicked headaches. Anyone have this problem and better yet a solution? I have probably 3-4 cigars a week (now that it's warm), but if I'm gonna have headaches every time, you'll see me in the WTS section really soon with massive sales. I usually drink...
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    Don Pepin - You evil man

    Just had a Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label Robusto. I can see why this stick is immensely popular. Great construction and draw. Slight burn issues but I think this is due to being too moist. Lotta nic in this blend. I think I'll try the JJ next since I hear it's a bit milder. I'll be back to this...
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    When to send boxes back?

    I recently ordered a couple boxes, well, 7 from a particular vendor. 2 of the boxes are DPG Cubana Vegas. I've smoked sticks from the various boxes and two from one of the CV boxes. The CVs are dry and crackle to the gentle squeeze (from both boxes). The first one started coming apart as I...
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    Burst wrapper

    I'm trying a Tat Havana VI. This thing has had one of the tightest draws I've ever seen. As I got past the halfway point, the wrapper started cracking and the stick is swelling. Over humidified from the vendor? I've had this box since Sat. This is my first Tat EVER.
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    La Riqueza

    I did some poking around last night and discovered this cigar won't hit until May/June. *sigh* I'm hoping Pete hit this one out of the park - full taste without the full hit of nic.
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    Pimp your Vintemp

    I promised some folks a Pimp Your Vinotemp 400 thread. This is going to have to come in stages since this is not my forte. But hey, I got started. That's the important thing. The picture doesn't relay how good this works, but suffice to say, if you need a UV light, this could come in handy...
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    Leon Jimenes Robusto

    OK, got the hankering for a cigar and looked in the early purchase stack for something to try. Snagged the Leon Jimenes Robusto. I must have gotten this as part of a sampler because I don't remember buying it. An old Dominican name, this cigar has been around for a long while apparently...
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    Vinotemp 101

    This thread is an attempt to consolidate a bunch of Vinotemp (VT) information into one thread. It’s not completely comprehensive, but I just read through more than 10 pages of threads to see what gets asked over and over and if there were a variety of solutions. Hopefully this will be a...
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    Anyone ever bought from these people before? They seem to have a decent selection and prices, but they say no returns on cigars (uh, what if they are bad?) TIA
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    Diamond Crown Maximus - Pyramid No. 3

    Cost: $16.50 before tax Size: 6 3/8 x 50 Rating: 8 I've had this sitting in my humi for about a month. I decided to say today was worthy of a premium cigar. Got all the cigar toys together, poured a bit of Crown Royal Special Reserve and clipped the head. I probably clipped off a bit too much...
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    aged Padrons? - hijacked from Moki's taste test

    Ive read in several places that Padron cigars are not intended to be aged, but rather smoked right away. When Yayson posted the above i thought I'd bring it out again as a topic. Thoughts
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    Best Logo/Brand

    This is a difficult question to word, but: In your opinion, which cigar brand has the best logo/brand. I'm not talking just good cigars, but which logo has the best appeal based on your knowledge of cigars.
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    How to avoid the slope: perspective from a newb that didn't.

    So you signed up to Club Stogie and you've started reading the Stickies. (you are reading them right?) You've found some great threads, you wonder what the hell Beads are, what a coolerdor and a vinodor are. What is this Slope everyone keeps talking about and pushing me towards? The slope is a...
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    Removing Vinotemp logo

    Has anyone removed the vinotemp logo from the glass? Before I try it and break the freakin' thing, I'd like to hear how someone accomplished it. If not, ideas on a smooth removal?
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    Show us your Ashtray thread

    Post those pretty pix. Cigar or no cigar included. Ash or no ash. I'll post mine tonight.