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    Those aren't expensive cigars? I'm only half joking, I know there are more expensive cigars out there, but those are also expensive.
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    $70 for a cooler... that seems a bit high, but then again what do I know.
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    Viva la Snorking! to nose smoke.

    The occasional milk has gone through my nose...:bl
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    CS going downhill?

    You sir are a breath of fresh air... look at my Signature :tu
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    Viva la Snorking! to nose smoke.

    I've tried blowing the smoke out my nose it the past, but it has burned like no tomorrow. I think it's because I'm blowing to much smoke out. Nice guide, I'll have to try it tonight!
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    Ohhh its hot

    103 today... 111 by next monday, but who's counting. At least my cigars are in a nice air conditioned room. The basement idea sounds great. Good luck with storing them :-)
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    So your on a Deserted Island...

    OF COURSE... It is after all my fantasy deserted island...correct? :bl
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    Is your wife as upset as mine?

    My wife doesn't know. I tend to do what other members stated they do. It's all or nothing for hobbies. First it was WoW, then other computer games, then building a top of the line gaming-computer, now cigars. If I told her, well she'd be upset... So why tell her? I need to find a...
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    So your on a Deserted Island...

    1. Jessica Alba & Carmen Electra 2. Gregorio (funky bulge in the middle, kind of interesting)
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    Decisions at 2AM...

    Computer parts or cigars. Normally computer wins. But I've finally gotten my system right where I want it. Now time for my other habit.
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    Discussion Topic: Total Tobacco Ban.

    I'm all for busnisses for deciding for themselves if they want smoking or not. Heck there are times when I want to sit down for a nice steak or what not and not have to smell smoke. It should be completely left up to the business owner. As far as a state ban or city wide ban everywhere, that...
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    whats the difference

    moved to ask a silverback or doing more research...
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    I am humbled...

    I'm reading this thread at work, and I'm upset because I can't see what damage has been done. Websense blocks the pictures, but I can still read the comments. I can't wait to get back to see the crater that was created. Sounds like it was a helluva strike.
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    Want to bid "right" on Cigarbid?

    PM sent, this is awesome. Combining excel and cigars. RG bump!
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    Cigars and soda

    Since I haven't seen anyone put this, I have to confess. Since we are not allowed alcohol here in the dessert, I really wanted something cold when I had my cigar a few weeks ago. Only thing cold in my fridge was a fruit punch gatorade. I thought it would not be good, but I was very...
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    Plastic Wrapping

    Thank you all for the rapid response. And you are all right, there is ALOT of threads on cello. I should start calling it by the right name. Thakyou for the help and the correction in terminology
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    Taboo Cigars for the Troops. Update

    Rob, I recieved the package about 2 weeks ago. Everything was amazing. We got around to smoking them this last week, and I finally tried the "Twist" cigar, and it was a great smoke. I see why the majority of people have nothing but great comments about you and your products. Thank you for...
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    Plastic Wrapping

    I am sure this has already been dicussed, but I did use the search feature and it came up with ZERO matches... so here it goes. I am deployed to Tallil Iraq, and by circumstance and very generous people here at CS, I am the cigar distro hub for my unit. So here is the question... 1...
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    Couple of questions for the BOTL's please...

    1) Male or Female? Male 2) Age? 28 3) Do you work out? (Y/N) 3-4 times per week 4) Do you have low, normal, or high blood pressure? Normal 5) What is your body type? (skinny, average, athletic, or overweight) Athletic and Overweight (if thats possible) if not overweight 6) What are your...
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    My new cooler setup.

    I have a dual monitor set-up and I thought I was special. You put two of my hobbies together quite nicely. Computers and Cigars. In fact I'd say you have aced both of those hobbies, if you can get grades for hobbies that is. Sweet set-up.