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    Wel I Got The Shock Of A Lifetime!!!

    I have been seriously smoking cigars for a bit over a year now. My wife has always supported me in everything I do. She seems to think that me smoking a cigar is very sexy! Yea I know, go figure right. So a couple of weeks I am in the garage working on my cabinet humi and enjoying a nice...
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    Check What My Awesome Wife Brought Home Today!

    This is what my kick ass wife brought home for me. I have to be the luckiest man on earth! :ss I have to do the chicken dance!!!:chk
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    My Cabinet Humi Project

    Well I just joined the site after finding it last year when I really started my cigar smoking. I looked high and low to try to find a cabinet humi. First I wanted something made with a nice wood outside and cedar lining (not something vineered). I also wanted shelves that I could display my...