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    Do you smoke in your car?

    Just wondering how many people smoke cigars in their cars. If you do then how do you keep the car from smelling to bad? I don't think it's a bad smell but others that don't smoke might. Wondering what works the best. :chk
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    Oh it looks soooo good.

    A certain somebody might have given me one of these while at Fumare the other day. :tu Just haven't had the time to light her up yet because I want to make sure I take some photos and do a review when I do. So keep an eye out for an upcoming review of the new baby from Dion of Illusione fame...
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    Help me find my favorite cigars

    :ss I've been in this hobby for about 6 months now and have LOVED it. The relaxation during smoking a cigar is worth it alone BUT I have only really LOVED a few cigars that I have smoked. I enjoy a lot of them but not really love many. I was wondering if I posted what I really like in a...
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    Cigars you've never had!

    It seems like there are brands out there that pretty much EVERYBODY has tried, you know the big named, classic companies that have been around forever. Are there any brands that you just haven't tried that is kind of surprising? For me I've never had a......... Cohiba (NC or CC) actually have...
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    I need to give some cigars away

    I'm running out of room in my cooler and I need to make some room for some other friends on their way. :ss Sooooooo.................... How about that first five people to PM with their addresses will go into perfectly random decision process of who is going to get a bunch of cigars? Once I...
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    Hatuey Turco Maduro

    Check out the thread below for some more info on Hatuey and this cigar. I had the Turco Maduro today and it's not going to be as long winded as the last one. ;) I've had pretty much all the DPG cigars and enjoy a spicey cigar...
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    Hatuey Plasicos Torpedito

    FIRST REVIEW!!! :tu I had to do my first review with a cigar that not many people know about at all. Hatuey is in Reno, NV and I think also in Sacramento, CA. They are a dominican company run by a Cuban family. Nice people here at their store and all they carry is their own cigars. Here is...
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    Damn You Joe!!!!!

    I'm not even going to post a link to it since you all know the address but the current deal is incredible!!! Picked up a couple bundles. :ss
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    Are seconds a gimmick?

    I understand the fact that there would be 2nds for a higher end cigar maker. Not every leaf is going to be up to snuff for their lines BUT if people like RP can have TONS of seconds out there then why don't other manufacturers have lines of seconds also? Like with Padron, not every wrapper is...
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    My new favorite number is 68

    OMG....... What an amazing cigar!!!! The illusione 68 is just way way good. I picked one up at Fumare today and took it to a bar to watch the Lakers game and it just blew me away. The very first cigar I have ever nubbed. Took it down to the point that my lips and finger tips were burning...
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    What should I gift myself for my first fathers day?

    Well I have 2 kids, 5 and 3 BUT this is actually my first fathers day. :) It's a long story but my wife didn't believe in holidays like fathers day and I never got to partake BUT she is now the ex-wife. :ss SO as my very first fathers day it's going to be me gifting myself for a wonderful job...
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    I just ate a specific meal just for a cigar.

    :ss I wanted to smoke a Joya de Nicaragua Antano for the first time tonight so I decided I should have a nice greasy rack of ribs to prep for it. :dr I'm ready! It's time to light it up. :D
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    What is it you guys say about the slope?

    :chk:cb I'm a noob in very many ways. I've only been on CS for a few weeks now, I've only been smoking for a few months also. I started out with a cheap 20 cigar humidor and a sampler of 12 cigars. I then picked up a few more stogies here and there. Then came a 125 cigar humidor. Then a...