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    I finally found a cigar I LOVE...

    I was driving home tonight smoking a Torano Exodus 1959 silver edition corona gorda and commenting to myself what awesome cigar this is and how reasonably priced they are. Glad I'm not alone at thinking they are a great bang for the buck.
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    Look what I got today!

    Congrats on your pic up's I got your oust fans just PM me your addy !
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    Anyone smoke a Pinar Del Rio

    Had the pleasure of trying a few Habano SunGrown various sizes. I enjoyed them very much. My B&M didn't have the oscuro but i'm looking forward to trying that as well.
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    opus question

    I prefer them with some age on them 2-3 years but if I hadn't tried them i'd smoke one now and put the rest to sleep
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    Has anyone tried the Nub Cameroon 460?

    I still haven't found a Nub I enjoy and The Nub cam 460 didn't do it for me whatsoever. I know you just bought a box and that's not what you are looking to here. Remember taste is a subjective thing I hope you love em! I just when back and reread you post flavor wise they were pretty mild.
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    Hello good to know we really are everywhere

    Hello good to know we really are everywhere
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    Alec Bradley Tempus Corona

    I enjoy this cigar while I wont rank it with the likes of a PAM 64 I will say it's an enjoyable cigar in it's price range
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    Most Prized Cigar In Your Collection?

    Original release Avo 22's Bought em way back when I first got into cigars and had no real clue how to enjoy a cigar yet. Glad I was able to pick up a few more along the way.
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    My Aristocrat Plus 48 Gave Birth Today

    Very nice set up!
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    Weight, Cigars, Doctors!

    I was/am in a similar situation.I struggled with being over weight my whole life I'm now 40 and finally decided to do something about it. I was 321 pounds when I finally decided to lose some weight so off to Weight Watchers it was. I weighed in this week at 216 this week down 105 pounds since I...
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    The CIGAR that places you in the Zone…

    Lately it's been the AVO LE-8 something about this cigar drives me to want to chain smoke em.
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    New Humi Is In!!!!!

    Very nice !
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    New Interview with Pete Johnson

    Nice interview thanx for posting this up.
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    Newb orders new Aristocrat!!!

    Congrats can't wait to see pics! I'm a day or two away from placing my second order from Bob.I stumbled upon club stogie sometime ago while looking for a new desk top Humi and wound up with a Aristocrat Mini Dx. Now it looks like the mini needs a Cool Big Brother. I'm leaning towards a decked...
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    What size cigar is your favorite?

    All depends on how much time I have to enjoy the smoke.I used to be all about bigger ring gauges. But now I find myself leaning more and more towards the skinny stuff.
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    Benefits of a ClubStogie Membership

    I spend more time surfing Club Stogie than anything else on the web. Since no one hounds you to make a donation, It took me a while to realize there was a way to offer support. Once I saw the light it was just the right thing to do.
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    It was bound to happen...

    First cigar that ever kicked my butt and got me feeling that sick was a Tat Rc 184 early in the afternoon on an empty stomach. I was green and had that mouth watering feeling for hours even after some sugar. I now enjoy that cigar from time to time but after a hearty meal!Took me almost 6 months...
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    Atlantic City

    Yes you can bring your own smokes.for now you can still smoke in certain areas but thats soon to change.Go into the Borgats humidor you will be glad you brought your own the prices are top dollar and then some! Also i'll be at the Borgata on monday aug 4th and probably the following monday let...
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    Any help in NJ

    good lil shop if you ever head north is sanj's smokeshop in bloomfield.Very Fair prices,nice selection. i'm in central NJ if you find a good local B&M let me know Scott