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    Porsche PD3/PD4 Lighters

    Bit the bullet recently. Bought one of each. Shop had them on sale for 100 bucks (cost basically). These things are SEXY...they feel solid in your hand, have a very rugged construction, and look stylish. Honestly, I've come to like the PD4 more than even my Blazer PB-207 (although that could...
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    Ashton Benchmade, blended by Don Pepin. Over the last week I've finally smoked a couple of each size, so I figured I'd talk some about them. Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sumatra-seed Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan mixed Construction wise, these sticks are a medium filler cigar, with a...
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    Vegas 'A' woes?

    Is it just me, or is the QC on these getting worse (I speculate a surge in demand in the last year or so)? For almost the last two years I've bought them by the box, bundle, and fiver from the devil site as a good go-to stick, and I've never had a complaint about them. Now as of lately, the...
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    LFD DL-654

    Has anyone tried these yet? We just got them in at work, and they flew off the shelf to the regular LFD crowd. I didn't even get a couple to sample. Looking to know how these are for when I try one Monday (new shipment, oh joy!)
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    Does anyone ever reflect how absurd this hobby is?

    Disclaimer: This is reflecting on some wry humor I had today, not a rant. We call this a hobby to relax and enjoy, and yet some of us spend hours beating ourselves up taking one for the team. We say it's a social thing and that no good smoke is complete without company of some sort, yet so...
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    Has anyone heard of these or smoked one before? Got one at work, looks like a cameroon wrapper, torpedo size. Kinda reminds me of a Padron 2000 Maduro...exccept for the ash particles I keep puffing up :(
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    Taboo Twists (no pics yet)

    So I finally got a few in my hands, and with nothing better to do this afternoon, I sat out and smoked one. To describe the look of this cigar, think of a big plastic candy cane with neatly defined lines. The wrapping is tight and exact, and the scent they give off is some sweet floral scent...
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    Did I miss something?

    I could have sworn there was a "Meet the Manufacturers" forum for Oliva at about 3:00 this morning. Did I miss something, or was I hallucinating?
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    $1 Bids

    How many of you out there who buy on the Devil Site are willing to drop $1-3 bids on sticks you've never tried that don't seem to have any bids? Just curious because I do; I've found some gems, and I've smoked some rockets, but I feel I've gotten my money's worth. I think I've dropped around...
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    CAO America Monument

    So I had a long lunch break today, and I've been craving to try a stick with a "barber pole" wrapper for a while, since I've heard some interesting reviews. So I stop by the local B&M and pick one of these up to try. Out of the three sizes, the Torpedo size grabbed my eye for some reason. So...
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    Smoking in the shower

    So does anyone else do this? I found it's a great place, the steam prevents the smoke smell from sticking to anything, and the vent sucks it all out. Plus I get to start the day with the two best things I like.
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    Highest CBid win?

    Inspired by another though I had...what's the largest invoice you've ever had from the Devil Site? Mine is $1217.38.
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    *sigh* More carnage to my wallet

    So I stopped by the B&M today...darn me if they didn't have more Oliva Serie V's in...I got two boxes of Lanceros and a box of Tatuaje Noella's. Add to that the two boxes of Hoyo Sumatra Espressos, a box each of Hoyo Dark Knight II and III, and a bundle of RP R4 maduros, AND on top of all...
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    Rocky Patel R4

    Anyone had one of these that they can offer an opinion?
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    Sooo.....I decided to buy some sticks today....

    Unfortunately I don't have pics YET, but I will soon. I got all the following boxes: Oliva Serie V Double Toro Oliva Serie V Torpedo HdM Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight I HdM Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight II HdM Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight III CAO Brazilia Gol! Don Pepin Garcia JJ Maduro Selectos...
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    Decision time...where to blow some cash

    So I'll be paying off the bills in a week (contract job finally paid through) and I'll have a bit of cash standing around to treat myself to some sort of birthday gift. However, I can't decide for the life of me what kind of treat to get. So I'm looking for some suggestions of more expensive...
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    Ahh Walgreen's, how I love thee

    The local Walgreen's was clearing some crap out. Ronson JetLite lighters: 0.99 each, 17 stock You know I bought them all. Now I have decent lighters to give away with my gift boxes.
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    Odd thought I just had about favorite cigars

    RP Edge and Vintage 90/92 are literally my absolute favorite cigars. I'll smoke a Vintage 92 before I'll smoke one of my ISOM's. And yet I just realized this morning...I haven't bought nor smoked an RP cigar PERIOD in nearly 4 months. Now I crave one like a madman. Does that seem a little...
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    Dangit :)

    Everything is going on sale everywhere. CBid is finally listing some more of what I want to buy. Famous just emailed me to let me know the first round of back ordered 3000's would be shipping soon. And the new stuff from the RTDA show is FINALLY in stock enough to buy. And I'm out of money...
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    New sub-hobby

    My new sub-hobby within cigars: Buying the absolute worst possible long-filler non-processed dog sticks on the planet and trying to age them and condition them to a point of being smokable. I solicit your suggestions for sticks.