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    Prayers For My Brother, Please

    My Brother Jack is my best friend…and has been my entire life. I’ve always looked up to him and have often tried to emulate him. He is the best brother I could have ever hoped for. Jack has helped me so much throughout life. He truly has a heart of gold, a great sense of humor, is hard...
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    Do Boxes Prevent the Spread of Beetles?

    Sorry for the dumb question (and yes I did a quick search first), but I imagine that beetles can't break out of or through cigar boxes. If true, then only the cigars within an infested box would be in danger if something should happen...and the rest of the collection would be safe? In...
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    What is a Match?

    Does anybody use good old cigar matches anymore? I kind of like using them once in a while, but a torch lighter is much more dependable anywhere there is any it's just another gadget to have and collect. Your thoughts?
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    Prayers for my Wife

    My wife works very hard to stay healthy and keep in shape. However, due to a congenital heart problem (for which she had open heart surgery when she was 11), she will again require open heart surgery. She needs to have a valve put in as well as two other heart-related repairs. Her surgery...
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    Any Good B&M's in Bowmanville, Ontario?

    I'm heading up to Mosport Racetrack for a long weekend of DE and was wondering if there are any recommended B&M's that I can visit while there. :ss Thanks in advance for your help. :tu
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    Suggestions on Lowering the RH

    Any Suggestions on Lowering the RH? I have been storing my sticks at 70% RH and would like to reduce the RH to around 65%. I planned to slowly reduce the RH to avoid any adverse effect on the cigars (e.g. reduce RH to 69% for a few days to one week; then reduce to 68% for a few days to one...
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    Wish We Had Saved Them

    My grandfather used to smoke 'gars constantly (probably why I like the smell to this day). I remember he used to save/collect his cigar bands. He stored some of them in his workshop down the basement in large glass pickle jars. Must have had 15-20 large jars, filled to the brim with un-opened...
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    Cedar Sleeves - On or Off

    I did a quick search on this topic and only found references made to the Anejo's, which appear to have been having mold issues. Two quick questions: 1) In general, is it better to store the 'gars with or without the cedar sleeves on? 2) Specifically with the Anejos, is it better to store the...
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    Foot Against The Wall?

    General storage question for those more experienced: Is there any advantage to storing sticks so that the foot is exposed to an open area within the humidor (vs. against the wall)? Thinking that more humidity would get inside the sticks near the bottom of a pile if strored that way. Thanks in...