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    I've been battling sinus congestion since Sunday. While i can smell a few things i can't taste squat. I've been dieing for a smoke and i haven't had one since Friday. I bought a cheap Tat Petite to see if i get anything from it and well... that was totally pointless. I did taste the spice off it...
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    Post Its as bands?

    Would it be bad to use a yellow Post Its as a cigar band for notes? The 3x2 are almost as long as most bands. And on a 52 RG cigar there wasn't too much glue showing (maybe a 1/3 to a 1/4 was showing, if you left the sticky side on the outside). The 3x3's or the ones bigger than that would cover...
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    Palio Pouch

    Does anybody know where or how i could get a replacement pouch for my Palio? I lost it over the weekend.