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    Aberlour A'bundah

    This stuff is unbelievable! I can't believe that it's close to 59.5% alcohol. Any other fans? Anything similar I should try?
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    5 bottles of Scotch $250 budget

    I'm starting to drink more scotch and am looking for some suggestions. I've read around and seen a few threads asking for suggestions on inexpensive scotch. As "inexpensive" is often a relative term I'd like to ask a more specific question. If you had up to $250 (hard limit) to spend on at...
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    Using Beads to Calibrate a Hygrometer

    I've put a couple of posts out there asking about calibrating a hygrometer with Heartfelt beads. Most of the responses I got were to the effect of "it should work, but do a salt test anyway." Well, I did, and here's what I came up with. Hygrometer Diamond Crown, looks like this: Bead...
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    Hey all, I searched "seasoning" and couldn't come up with any info specific to my situation, so I"m throwing this out there. I got my 1st humidor a week ago and loaded it up with a few dished of distilled water. I calibrated my hygrometer using Vipers beads (threw it in a baggie with a...