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    The REAL Dog Rocket?

    While nothing is really as terrible as people around here say Cremosas are... they are pretty bad.
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    Aberlour A'bundah

    Mine was the Batch 21, same as the one being sold in the link above. $51 is a great price...
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    Has anybody been to Racine & Laramie of Old Town in San Diego

    I've been there, prices are crazy. Great setup and location though. Very cool store.
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    Craigslist - Too good to be true ?

    Maybe he's trying to selloff cigars that he declared as an insurance loss? Is that the situation he was describing?
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    Aberlour A'bundah

    I've tried that too, but I gave the full strength stuff a try. Thanks for the heads up though!
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    Gurkha and Pepin Treatment

    I may get flamed for this, but Gurkha's aren't objectively as bad as everyone says. They just aren't good for the price they MSRP at, or even a fraction of that price. They are also way over advertized which turns a lot of people off. I won't buy Gurkhas at any price because I think their...
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    Aberlour A'bundah

    Thanks for the heads up. The glenfarclas 12 is another oneI really enjoy, so I'll give the 105 a shot. I'm going to let the Laprhoaig sit for a while then revisit it. My roommates said they would kill me if I opened it in the house again though :D I got a chance to taste the Lagavulin 16 and...
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    What is your favorite beer?

    Lagunitas Imperial Stout Bodingtons I don't drink beer with cigars a whole lot... probly something dark
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    Aberlour A'bundah

    Are you takling about the Doublewood?
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    Single Malt Scotch of Choice

    Right now? Aberlour a'bunadh. Man, it's good. I didn't know scotch could taste like that.
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    How mild are El Rey de los Habanos

    They are not mild and they are awesome, especially the original release. An overlooked member of the Pepin line (if there is such a thing). I easily like them as much as the blue labels, and better than the black labels.
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    Aberlour A'bundah

    The only Islay malt I've had so far is Lephoig 10 year and it tasted like band aids... A couple other more experienced scotch drinkers (one of whom had tasted the Lephoig 10 before) both though it might be off. I don't know if I got a bad bottle or if it just doesn't agree with my palate...
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    Aberlour A'bundah

    It's a sing malt cash strength unfiltered bottling from Aberlour, a Speyside distillery. No age given on the bottle. I get lots of citrus and spice flavor. Even though it's cask strength I can drink it easily without adding water. Also, it's in the $60 - $70 range so you are a getting a...
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    Aberlour A'bundah

    This stuff is unbelievable! I can't believe that it's close to 59.5% alcohol. Any other fans? Anything similar I should try?
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    Taboo Twist Robusto

    Taboo Habanos! Sounds tasty! Kidding aside, the twist Robustos are great. Glad you enjoy them too.
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    Recommend me a cheap cigar

    El Mejor Espressos are my favorite budget smoke. Find a cheap bundle on cbid.
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    The worst find in my bag!

    +1 Those things are expensive!
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    '08 Newbie Brigrade recruitment center

    PM sent. Somebody's gotta represent the BABOTL.