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    Rough day

    I've been on vacation for the last two weeks, cut the Georgia trip short so I'd be home when Pokers pass got here, arrived the same day I did. Only two more days till back to work, so I have splurged, with my morning killer beans a Boli CJ, then a little later with some expresso a 97 SLR PC...
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    Testing the New Non Smoking law in Florida

    Well, the new non smoking in public places, restaurants and bars law took effect officially on July 1. It seems that some great entrepreneurs are already testing the law. Two restaurants here in Southwest Florida have changed their names to Clubs instead of restaurant or bar, charge one dollar...
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    Back from Vacation

    I've been on vacation for the last two weeks, had to put my wife's mother into an assisted living facility in Northfield Minn. Not a fun time. Great to be back!!!:w
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    Well, my trusted Colibri trifecta peice of $hit crapped out on me tonight. Never again..Has anyone had any experience with Vector Emperor Lighters? I've been thinking of getting one because of the wide flame, but I don't know anyone who has used one. Or maybe the Vector Gear, I'm looking for...
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    Memorial Weekend Contest

    A little contest in the celebration of the upcoming weekend. Mostly movies and old rock and roll. First one to get them all right wins 1 Monte #2 01, 1 BBF 98, 1 PSD3El 02, 1PSD4 01, 1 Boli Corona 98, 1 Por Larranaga PC cab selection 01, 1 SLR PC 97, one RASS 01. 1. In the 1966 film Blow...
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    New batch of Butthibas

    Hold on to your hats guys, these are the latest Butthibas from OPT, If you put them in a store the would sell imediately. They look pretty good to say the least, going to let them rest in the dor for a few days and then smoke em. I will revue them as I smoke them. Sorry about the brightness...
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    Butthiba Revue

    I got this highly prized cigar direct from the roller Juanpyrotec. It is about the same size as a Robusto with a maduro wrapper. It looks like the wrapper shrunk quite a bit after rolling, as the cigar looks and feels like a small branch. It is not the ugliest cigar I have ever seen, but not...
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    Puros Indios Viejo 1998

    I just got a box of the new Puros this week, A nice cedar box with a loose tobacco leaf on top of the cigars, they come 15 to a box. I got the #4 maduros. The tobacco is from 1995 and the cigars where rolled in 98. A nice chocolate brown with excellent construction. When I first saw the leaf...
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    Vegas Rogaina, Radars new cigar

    Now for all you follicly challenged people comes a new cigar, Vegas Rogaina. No more taking pills, no more messy dark colored hair spray. Just flick the charcoal colored ashes on top of your head and rub it in, it covers those follicly challenged areas of your head and permeates a great cigar...
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    Haier Wine Cooler

    I got tired of trying to keep the house down around 72 degrees and finally went out and got a wine cooler. Down here in South Florida I will probably run it all year long. Lowes just had a sale on the Haier 42 bottle cooler for $329, combined with a remote digital hygrometer from Radio Shack...
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    Aristocrat Humidor

    Well, I have finally decided to get an Aristocrat, running out of room every where else. I have decided to just get the regular Aristocrat, haven't decided on any of the upgrades or the wood or glass door yet. I'd love to here from any of you that already have them as to the actual storage...
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    New Cigar Inventory Beta Program

    I downloaded mine today, it works great, just a little problem with dates, other than that it is a beauty. Great work Paul.:)
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    Roly Petit Corona

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-04-02 AT 12:02 PM (CDT)]A while ago I purchased a Shermidor from a guy out in Minden Nevada, of course when it arrived it had a lot of cigars in it. One of them was the Roly PC. Now I have never been a fan of non isom pcs except for the Don Carlos #4, so I had...
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    Puros Indios Maxima Reserva

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-29-02 AT 05:32 PM (CDT)]I opened my mail today, and viola, there it was, my first Maxima Reserva by Puros Indios. OPT was kind enough to send me one of the Media Coronas. What a beautiful looking vitola, the same size as the Especial #4. A dark brown mottled...
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    How do you light your stogies

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    Puros Indios Especial #4 Maduro

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Feb-25-02 AT 07:09 PM (CDT)]I picked these up from OPT a couple weeks ago. For what these cost I was astounded by the cigar. A beautiful white ash that held on for over 2 inches, mounds of smoke and plenty of flavor. Flavor started immediately, coffee, toffee and...
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    Fuente For Fina 858 Sungrown

    I picked up a couple boxes of these about a month ago, and decided the time was right to try them.. A beautiful looking cigar, not quite as dark as a Don Carlos. The pre light aroma was pretty good, normal for a Fuente. After a toasting I fired this baby up. The first few inches weren't bad...
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    Has Anyone Tried These?

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Feb-03-02 AT 08:06 PM (CDT)]Iwas just curious if any one had tried the Fuente Petit Coronas, and if they have, how do they compare to the Bolivar Fuerte Palmitas. I really enjoy the Fuente Don Carlos No. 4, but they are very hard to come by down here in Florida. I...
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    What's Your Favorite?

    I was just curious to find out what everyones favorite cigar is, isom and non isom. My votes go for isom-SLR Churchill, non-isom-Fuente Don Carlos Robusto. What's yours.;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)
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    AFuente Don Carlos Double Robusto

    I was gifted a beautiful isom HUpmann 96 Sir Winston. I decided to savor it today.I just finished smoking this beautiful vitola, it was good, but not as good as I had anticipated, certainly not as good as the SLR churchill that I nubbed two days ago. I was expecting an explosion of flavor but...