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    Need help finding a lighter

    So I'm a newbie and I went all over the city today to find the Ronson Jetlite. Duane Reade, CVS you name it (No walmarts here) and could not find anything! The reason I would like this lighter is because Im a student on a tight budget and this lighter seems to get excellent reviews. So I ee no...
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    Wireless Digital Hygrometer

    Hello everyone once again. For those of you that read my coolerdor thread... I am newbie (didn't formally introduce myself yet...). But basically I just started this hobby. I have already got 65% heartfelt beads, ordered some trays from, and got my Coleman cooler... I went...
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    Newbie + Coolidor

    Hi guys. This is my first post here but I have been reading a lot. I have just got into "smoking" cigars and have never smoked anything before. Anyway, since this isn't an introduction thread, I would like to ask your opinion on the Coolidor that I would like to build. I will smoke maybe 2-3...