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    Zino Acrylic Humidors

    Anyone have or use one. I am looking for a humidor for the office that will need very little work to keep it going. I am thinking this may be the trick being humidity wouldn't excape and not need chargeing to often. I know this wont help them age so let me know..
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    Anyone see any Tatuaje Blacks at there B&M lately

    I see some have recived a few of the bundles of the blacks. Are these still showing up or was this a one time run?
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    Anyone smoke a Pinar Del Rio

    I wanted to see if anyone has tried tis brand and what you thought of it?
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    Any recomendations for the Pepin line?

    I have been smoking the blue as well as quite a few Tats Brown and Red and really enjoying these is there any others that are must haves?
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    Any one smoke the new Don Pepin Blue Label Exquisitos or Preferidos

    I see these are being made of cabs of 50 anyone try these yet and if so what you think?
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    Check out this travel humidor

    Just happed to see this in a old CA mag and it looks really cool. It is a cigar briefcase travel humidor. Anyone have one of these or seen them in person?
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    Anyone smoke one of these Viaje Cigars

    And if so any thoughts on them?
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    Cabaiguan Maduros

    anyone tried these and what did you think of them?
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    If you could only smoke one Tatuaje cigar what would it be

    Just wanted to try and figure out what would be the number one pick? For me it would be the J21
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    Anyone get to smoke a La Riqueza

    I understand they are starting to hit dealer shelfs and wanted to see if you have smoked one how are they? They sound great.
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    Vinotemp can you stack one on top of the other

    I already have one but trying to have the wife not notice it as much and maybe just maybe if I put one on top of the other I may be able to pass it by her.
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    Ashton Crystal ashtray

    Does anyone have one. I just was on the Holt's web site and they look real nice but backorded?
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    Is this the second release of the Tatuaje Black

    I am reading quite a bit about the black and also see some talking about the first batch. Is this the second batch thy made and if so how was the first batch sold and is there any difference. Any idea of what the price was on them and will this be an on going cigar?
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    Vinotemp 28 on sale for $179

    at Target.
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    Reviews of the VinoTemp

    I am really thinking of picking oneof these up however going to a few online reviews and see they are not gettn great reviews saying it doesn't really get cool. it may be just a problem for wine but wanted to see who has one for cigars how is it working for you.
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    Vector Tri-Pump Table Torch

    Anyone using one of these? this looks like one bad lighter? Is the flame wider than found on most Hand held tripple lighters?
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    Are the Casa Fuente cigars worth it

    I have a friend heading to Vegas and see quite a bit about the Casa Fuente CG. Are they worth buying a box of them? I think they sell for like 450 a box and I know that is a steel in Vegas so outside of Vegas would you still have the same feelings one them?
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    BUGATTI Lighters

    Anyone using one of these? I did a search and not coming up with anything.