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    Well how about that, Happy Birthday!

    Well how about that, Happy Birthday!
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    Odd results to humidity experiment

    Well there you go, good call Shawn. Lower temp with the same amount of moisture is higher relative humidity.
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    Vinotemp and RH

    Hmm, hadn't thought about the pressure changes. I'm going to have to give that one more thought. Although now that the weather's cooling down, the cooling system on the VinoTemp won't be running, so it's inapplicable right now. As far as plugging the drain, believe me, I tried; I even rigged up...
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    Vinotemp and RH

    I don't have the drain hole plugged and mine has been working great with the ambient in the 35-40% humidity range at times, with plenty of your beads, of course. I do see a difference in having a hole in the bottom vs a hole drilled in the front of your desktop, having to do with water vapor's...
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    Vinotemp and RH

    Rolando, it's true that recovery time is a big issue with a lot of empty space, but it's not the only issue. The wood of the boxes and the cigars themselves will act as a buffer for the humidity, storing or releasing humidity to get to equilibrium with the air. In a completely sealed system with...
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    Vino WAAAY off

    I've run my between 15 and 20 below ambient, but you're right, they're not that efficient. If your ambient temp is high, set it to 66 or you're gonna have condensation issues at the very least.
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    Vino WAAAY off

    That's because the 34 bottle one is compressor driven, not thermoelectric. The TE ones will run with a much lower temperature differential, although I'm not sure how much.
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    60-63 RH

    That doesn't mean that it's correct. Many report digitals that are off by 5-7% or more all the time.
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    Gurkha G3 and Triple Ligero - Same Cigar?

    I've been told that the Triple Ligero X3 is the European version of the G3. I've said it many times, too, this is just about the only Gurkha that I like.
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    Vinotemp 101

    It comes with metal shelves. They don't work the best, but they will work temporarily for keeping boxes off of the bottom.
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    RyJ Reserva Real

    It's been a long time, but I remember them being kind of a standard connecticut shade, mild, smooth, with a decent taste.
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    Will beads get rid of condensation

    The condensation comes from the cooling system running so much. Beads would have nothing to do with it. You either need to raise the temp or lower the ambient temp if you want to stop it.
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    Odd burn

    Completely normal, and even desired. The ligero leaf in the center tends to burn slower.
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    I have discovered low humidity!

    Except that a lot of big name collectors store at 55% for long term, just at lower temperatures.
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    rh question

    Made with PG? They probably mean that it just comes with some PG already in it. As long as it didn't dry out, at least.
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    rh question

    All the "crystals" do is hold liquid, they're just a super absorbent polymer. You still need to use something like PG to regulate the humidity. Using it with just water is the same as filling your sponge with just water.
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    What did you smoke during the CS outage?

    haha, it wasn't a problem. Since it wasn't 5 yet, I figured there was a chance this was just another step, where the system had come up and you hadn't started the next part of the upgrades.
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    What did you smoke during the CS outage?

    You think it's up for good this time? It went up and down a couple of times durring the upgrade.
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    Vinotemp 101

    True, but I've had mine in an ambient over 85 at times, and it's been able to stay roughly were I want it as long as I keep good internal airflow.
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    Advantage 65%rh

    Ok, that shoots that theory. Thanks.